Ill-fated mitigates which could have been averted or possibly should have been kept away from great Indian epic Ramayana:

Dear friends these days in India Ramanand Sagar’s adaptation Ramayana has been hit the television again. The serial is quite popular among public due to its sine graphic effects, audio-visuals exquisites and superb acting’s by actors.

But while watching and enjoying the epic episodes, we might have noticed or realized that few mythological blunders which could have been avoided in Ramayana: 

Here are few facts which I would like to put up in front of readers:

  1. Death of Indrajit in an epic encounter:

A huge tactical mistake by Ravana by not safegua rding his heroic son Indrajith, I must say it is a turning point which concludes the ultimate victory in favour of Lord Rama and his brave heart monkey army. Indrajith could have been unbeatable if he would have been able to complete Kuldevi Nikumbala Mata ki puja in due time, only Ravana, king of Lanka could have been safeguarded or rather had the ability to protect his son by not letting anyone to disturb the puja, allowing peacefully to complete it safely within the time frame of 12 AM IST under his watchful eyes, as it was just a matter of a day which takes the completion of entire activity that’s it ,but he missed a trick here and took the things bit lightly, blunted by overconfidence and relied on his monster army who rather failed to protect his braveheart son resulting Meghnath/Indrajits death, great fighter no doubt indeed , a slim chance of inevitable which could have been diverted. the war was fought between cosmic law and order and iniquity, so it is a victory of truth, justice, and honesty at the end.

Important thing to note that Indrajit has twice defeated the duo of Rama and Lakshmana pairs in face to face encounter.

Firstly, by Nagpasha, where both Rama and Lakshmana collapsed on the spot, it would have been difficult to save both the brothers until Garur devata the god of cattle,comes to rescue for duos and released them from nagpasha.

Secondly Indrajit used Vasavi Sakthi against Lakshmana and made him unconscious in battle field, his life was precisely hanging in the balance until the next day’s sunrise. So, Lakshmana was virtually killed by Indrajit.

It was herculean effort by Hanumanji who turns to be life saver for Lakshmana. Lord Hanumanji got Sanjeevani from mountain Gandhamardhan hills just at the nick of time to ensure that Lakshmana got on time medications and healed up before the sunrise so as to begin the next day’s fight which would be started after sunrise. The task was never easy for Hanumanji as he could not identify the plant after reaching the hill, only to ensure that he could possibly lift the mountain to war field.  

According to Hindu shastra Sanjeevani is a quite unique magical herb or rather plant which could cure human nervous system faster.

2. Abduction of Sita Mata from Panchavati :

While we read or go thru page by page and enjoyed watching Ramayana there is always significant questions which comes to our mind for which we always quinch for answers:

Why did Ravana Kidnapped Sita Mata?

All incident started when Lakshmana cut the poky nose of Surpanakha, when she tried to attack Sita Mata after both Lord Rama and his younger half Lakshmana rejected her marriage proposal, a physically and mentally ill balanced Surpanakha after betrayed in love fumed with grievance and with a mindset of revenge later reached to his all the brothers one by one and asked for immediate action, assistance against the duos pretending that she had fallen victim in the hands of injustice. When finally she reached to Ravana, king got volatile, and angry by looking at her awful condition ,after all his powerful brothers succumbed to defeat and accepted death one by one in the hands of lord Rama and Lakshmana, in an anger of fire and confused mind Ravana invaded Panchavati(the epic centre of all the drama) with the help of his magic pushpak chariot in no time where all incident took place. When he reached to panchavati by sky way and saw Seta Mata at first glance, he falls in love with her beauty and glamour. Ravana wanted to marry Sita and tried convincing her by providing lucrative offers and well disguised bonanzas. But nothing worked out as Sita Mata refused all his proposals and greetings. Ravana has no other option rather to hijack her only in vain to fulfil his evil deeds or wrong intentions.

What is the motive behind the snatching of Sita Mata?

I could only say that motive behind kidnapping was jealousy, ego, overconfidence etc.which eventually screwed him up to take up a wrong decision and resulting his shameful death. So, end of an era where we lose a great knowledgeable king who refused to compromise with honesty, knowingly doing mistakes, though flag was always down on his sides.

What message does Ramayana gives us through Sita Haran?

I would like to illustrate on few things firstly our society is male dominant, secondly absent of presence of mind from Sita Mata:

  • Does Sita Mata not have the confidence on her husband lord Rama, that he will come victorious by killing the magician Marich?? If yes, then why Sita persuaded Lakshmana to quest for his elder powerhouse Lord Rama?
  • By crossing the boundary when Lakshmana repeatedly warned Sita Mata before leaving for search hunt of his elder brother Rama that not to cross the Lakshman Rekha line at any circumstances , but instead she did that. Isn’t that a big mistake from Sita’s end? Narratives are always clear but conviction and perfection is always missing here.

Infact all the characters role played was very strange. One hand Ravana who has been strucked by his mischievous behavioural issues and karma fates, other hand Sita Mata who emotionally got fooled by a Dora Chari called Ravana only to fold a bad chemistry which ended in a bitter manner. A sad complicated love story which has been dumped in a bizarre manner.

Ravana came in guise of Brahmin and seize Sita Mata where mother of all the problems had started, at the end king Ravana died very tragically.

So moral is always we should respect women otherwise none can stop the destruction and uttered waste or inevitable. King Ravana paid the heavy price which proved to be very costly as whole monster movement, dynasty came to an complete end.

Also I would like to add at the end that we should respect nature as it cares for us, so that humans could be saved from all catastrophic calamities and blushes.

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