Huge economic booster is needed to flourish India’s PM care fund, to wipe off scarcity

Dear Government employees, MNC big booms and aristocratic pension holders, hope you all respected people are doing well and great?

Readers in today’s blog I would like to speak firstly about some painful, burning facts regarding India’s lower middle-class society and befuddle mentality. 

And secondly something related to how some sections of our rich pensioners, expensive government employees, MNC high techs who lives in their big 30/40 sqft or even bigger multi-storeyed houses comfortably, enjoying all the benefits lavishly without breaking much sweats, but dishonestly pretty good in giving freakish lectures in public forums. 

As we know Covid-19 has badly hit the world economy and put its blanket like cover over the entire universe. Situation in India is also not different as maximum number of people are suffering during the pandemic with huge number of casualties, as dead bodies started to be piled up at morgs, in large numbers and sadly medical authorities are not allowing family members of the deads to complete the last minute rites or any rituals keeping a statutory caution in mind that Covid virus will transmit person to person which could be proved out to be alarming at later stages when it comes to control the super spread of corona, so believe me readers it’s really a sorry site to reflect when it comes to the apathy of such doomed,ill-starred families. Economic funds packages and so many schemes had been raised by Central and State governments to help the BPL sections and deprived ones, but efforts are not well enough to bring back the stability till todays date to an extent of normalcy.

We have seen ,in such crisis situations a mindless differentiative politics would always be played in background to destabilize the government and try to create some sorts of fear mongering among citizens of the country who are already in panic mode from past 6 to 7 months or so.

India is a land of unity in diversity, unique religious and cultural reformations. It is so apparent that mind set varies from man to man as we speak different languages,follow divergent rituals. People practised different faiths worship God, Allah, and Rama etc. with as many as segregations or classifications.

But in a country like India with millions and still counting we always fought for divinity, linguistic differences unstructured mind gaps, unfortunately poked up by political masterminds who does only business and biased politics for the sake of their own pity benefits by volatising the large innocent mankind in the name of caste, religion,colour etc.

Also, without mentioning the neighbouring countries name India’s border boundaries are also not safe and secure as enemy countries would always be looking to harm and disturb our countries peace and sovereignty. An alert and tension which is always staring towards us with great danger from such foes.

Ok,friends the above statements were just an wakeup call to keep our integrity intact, so that we should never divert from our brotherhoods and real goals which is nothing but to look after countries pride and safety, as together when we use our differences as strength of unity chances of prospering and safeguarding countries dignity increases much more.

Now, coming back to the topic of providing maximum economic aid and to support the poverty-stricken people, arrangements needs to be correct and well mannered , as we know country of millions like India it is very difficult to serve, reach or even help all the required sections with financial assistance and credits, though online Ecommerce shops and NGOs has been speeded up with their backing and supports in both hands but not enough to handle or suffice the scarcity of food crisis and other valuable needfuls. As India’s financial growth rate significantly relies on cultivation and how we are cooperating with farmers. The cursed section in today’s date is really struggling for single penny and committing suicides due to poverty and illness, though government is trying their level best to help them but PM funds are still not flooded with enough renumerations or money during such epidemics so as to shield them.

In the basis of such small article I would like to state that it’s our responsibility to come out with some methods or concrete plans so that state and central government employees ,including pensioners who are earning at least 30k or more in INR could sacrifice their lion share to help economically downtrodden sections for the time being until country reaches into certain sort of stability and keep Covid disaster under check .

Believe me there will not be any crazy paid media hypes, pressurization or not even some sorts of collection raisers initiatives for such noble causes.

Since India is a developing country hopefully any sorts of economic crisis should not lead to any costly or pathetic situation for the country to cope up when slowly we are moving deeper into COVID phases. Profitable leads are only to help the government so that economic balance should be maintained.

If public servants, big tycoons can’t help the government then request them not to give lectures in social media platform quote/unquote “Oh!! hell COVID-19 pandemic is destroying our countries economy “I would simply urge them not to shed any crocodile tears please .I would rather request honourable Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) that PM care fund should directly deduct minimum 10k plus in INR from their take home rather bother to ask and auto fund should directly redirected to poor benefit schemes with SMS alerts triggered to their mobiles. Why government should carry extra load or burden on their shoulder to harvest for such segment of impotent hypocrites who just cares for themselves selfishly??which is totally unacceptable at this moment.

It has been also realized that some section of the lower middle class tax payers in India should worry as always, those working on  private firms in stringent timelines languishing day and night like dogs,24/7 to fulfil the target but in lieu achieve nothing, with all their mental and physical health been screwed up significantly. But, surprisingly, the contributions from such segments to help the government economically so as to stop the spread of noble COVID-19 is more than the administrative sections, so isn’t it a wow factor to cherish!

Where are all the Indian  insurance companies like LIC, Tata-AIG etc. these days, no real flourish, or fast initiatives in such challenging conditions when it comes to help the financially disabled backtrodden sections. Suddenly everything is looking like totally off colours or gloomy? Such companies are only good in throwing pamphlets and promos with their lucrative attractive schemes towards rich during happy times??our blue coloured less expensive downtrodden sections today definitely needs hefty, bulky insurance support and packages to defend themselves including their families from COVID-19 catastrophe .

I am also not sure or rather having lack of knowledge or awareness regarding any funds being re directed to PM benefits care from India’s richest  temples or worship places(like Tirupathi,Jama Masjids, Churches etc.) where fanatic lovers pays lakhs, crores of rupees just to get the blessings and glimpses of god thinking that almighty will protect them from any sorts of calamities. So, my speculations and all calculations completely went wrong when I think how come the greatest monarchy of devotions restricted themselves from any sorts of timely help?

As the Covid epidemic might hit India’s economy badly, It’s time for our sincere able public servants , pension holder, senior citizens and other wealthy efficient units to become a real hero and save the country from tragic turmoil and sorrows. As we say no pain, no gain and such factuals should be applicable for all middle classed and well-earned sections.

Life is never a bed of roses for anyone but even small help, a gritty gesture, a kind whispering blessing might change the fortune of this country in no time.

Survey says humans are the greatest invention or creatures of the world. Earth runs by human brain and its thoughtful intelligent policies.

If genuinely we believe and integrate our brain system for good deeds, then economic crisis and poverty could be uprotted very easily.

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