Assam’s gas leak tragedy and its consequences

Dear readers, I would like to bring up the latest mishaps which has happened on Tuesday afternoon dated 9th June 2020 in Assam’s Tinsukia district, north-eastern state of India. The incident was quite terrifying and tragic that the entire country is in complete trauma after the horrific accident.

There is a certain amount of outrages and anger among the people, demanding justice for the dead’s who had lost their precious life in cataclysm.

Just to begin with a brief background of Assam, a small poor state of India, where major resource and wages of lower middle-class people is completely depends on agriculture, farming etc. Mostly deprived form appropriate facilities and infrastructure people faced various obstacles, challenges in their day to day life.

Privatization and excessive job creations are the major grey areas where maximum youths could have been deployed or recruited. Government jobs are also filled with preferences, favouritism where lateral entries are considered through under the table money. Desirable candidates got neglected due to their weak financial backbones. Due to lack of good education facilities students needed to cut off their studies in middle of their carrier build-up phases.

Parents either has no solid monitory back support to help their children to continue with their further studies and usually put them to do some sorts of makeshift earnings so that family expenses could go on.

Lots of educated youths either have been forced or indulged themselves into antisocial activities like terrorism, dacoity, contract killings and other nefarious activities. so to continue their livings, livelihoods and other basic needful.

State and central governments are trying their level  best to bring back those misleading, poverty stricken classes into track and provide them with good jobs so that wellness and nourishments should continue for such ill-starred deprived units.

Assam is well known for its oil gas and refineries. States maximum earnings and profit comes from natural gas and resources, tea plantation along with paper mills which is no doubt a profitable sectors for the state where maximum take home pay for people or individuals can be expected .So it means majority of the deployments, involvements, and investments are into such projects.

Assam has worst effected by floods, earthquakes, and other sorts of natural calamities due to which government has to bear heavy financial loses every year.

Since India’s population is over 130 million and counting so it becomes very difficult for central government to distribute funds among all the states equally. Finance budgets varies every year to year in a calendar and allotment needs to be done in sequence as per the maximum needs and requirements for the underprivileged states.  

Calamities are not a new thing for India’s mostly ignored state like Assam. Since independence state has come through leaps and bounds, fought hard to sustain from various obstacles and troubles hence state government has decided to come up with numerous disaster recovery plans, methods to support the victims who suffered usually during worst case scenarios.

My dear readers In today’s article I would like to put up the dreadful tragedy that has blown shock wave throughout the state.

Baghjan oil field in Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district, operated by Oil India Limited (OIL) burst into flames with huge explosion and sound on June 9th 2020 @ around 10.30 AM IST. Impact was so vicious and severe that smoke and blazes spread across 1 KM of the radius with a massive inflow of destruction.

So basically, fire has destroyed everything within 1 KM radius zone. Two fire fighters have been declared died near the site of huge oil refinery where the incident took place.

It has been brought to attention that Oil well has been leaking gas from past 14 days or so but I believe security or administrative body was quite careless about it. Local residents said that the intensity of flame was so drastic that it could be visible from 10 KM radius zone ,as very thick black smoke had gone up to very high meters range.

A quickfire action team called NDRF (National Disaster Response team) has been called on the spot immediately along with top brass and officials  to review the entire on field situation.

But the officials in charge are fearing now that fire could have spread across adjoining areas as well where chances of wildlife, dense settlement might have been damaged .

Assam Chief Minister (Mr.Sarbananda Sonowal) is in constant touch with authorities and reviewing the situation. As per the latest update from sources around 7000 people from nearby areas has been evacuated and flown to various relief camps for their safety and security until the situation is back to normalcy with the help of district management team.  

There are other sections also who has suffered from major or minor injuries, has been provided with immediate medical assistance and aids. 

To get an exact estimation of destruction, it has become very difficult for rescue teams because of the ferocity of the fire and its hight temperature.

The Baghjan oil well of Assam has been spewing gas for past 14 days or so and the patrolling team has not noticed that or rather overlooked the entire matter due to which such causality has taken place.  

The dead bodies of the two firefighter has been recovered from nearby wet land but there is no injury, severe bruises or burning marks in their bodies, sources confirmed that.

It has been believed that fire fighters has jumped to nearby pond from the  height to save their lives but only in vain to get themselves drowned.

So in the basis of this article I would like to spread the awareness message and request India government that strict punishment should be given to perpetrators whose negligence causes such unkindly setback, so that in nearby future any fatality could be avoided.

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