Education system now a days

The word Education has different consequences for every personage. It is not only a term of nine letters but has a hidden dispatch on it. Sadly, some sections of our society are exalted with it and some are not. For some, Education is the foundation of knowledge and acquaintance…the freedom of their journey to accomplish something in their life or to do relatively some noble work for their country. Some are very skilled to give a proper direction to their cherish goal and establish their knowledge to the world. But unfortunately, sometimes talents do not get their proper salutation.  There are still so many capacities in our villages or unprivileged society who are dilapidated of various opportunities gifted with talent but not getting proper consideration due to lack of infrastures or capitals. Earlier our parents used to tell us we need to be good in studies or we will not be able to make money in future to get a so-called exaggerated life. We tried our best to groove some good marks in papers irrespective of the fact that all our hard works are going to be tossed out. The connotation of Education has completely changed these days. If you have money and you are rich, then only you are entitled for better education. Education has now divided into various sections according to the reputations of some big tycoons. Some are using it to fulfil their vote banks and some are for maximizing their bank balances. In admission forms we are asked to mention the occupation, income etc. rather than qualifications. Are these the basic criteria or requirements for getting admission to any reputed  learning institution? Has our education system has become so reliable on money making that we completely overlook for the purpose of running it?

 It is said that if a country has more accomplished people then no one can sojourn its growth and the nation become more resilient both economically and socially. But we proved it wrong again. We are dealing with our education as a business now and if it is the true face then who is going to be benefited by this? really don’t know. When I see our younger generations commencing their day at morning 6 o’clock with a heavy load in their back it reminds me the face of that village boy who is also booming heavy weight truck load of preasure to his shoulder but the difference is only to earn some money.  

So it means the poverty stricken village boy is carrying the burden of brutal adversity with him. The truth is that both these children have utterly lost their childhood or rather it will be appropriate to say, our cruel system has mowed down it. One section is affluent enough to give their children all the eases and advantages and other half cannot do so. It is like a partition between two boundaries. But the truth is both sides are going to be failed. If we think that money can buy instructions and we will be able to make our next generation robust and sophisticated, then we need to think twice. Money only generates boundaries, limitations and restrictions for education which could be very vicious. Education should not be divided based on wages.

Humans are the beautiful creations of divinity and all are sanctified with some special influences. It is some so-called prevailing sectors who has twisted divisions between us. If we all bond together then no one can challenge to disrupt our unity. No child will be disadvantaged to get proper attentions. But I know this is not an easy task in hand for all of us. Our society is designed with such a structured process that it is very hard to break it. But nothing is impossible and good works never need reasons. We always talk about child labour and their empowerment but what about those burden which has been categorically put to children.

No, we don’t have the right to take away the lovely memories of childhood from their diary, have no right also to create any discriminations or wrong perceptions in their mind. I impulse to my readers to spread this message to each and every part of the world so that our forthcoming peers will become more accountable and voiced towards their observance and can see the better part of education and not the bitter one.

 Our future upcoming generations can comprehend it as an organization of knowledge rather than a source of revenue. They can find the proper purpose of education, only then all our civilization will be profited. Afterall, one educated person can brand his or her whole family influential. So, lets decide whether we can able to preserve # Enthusiastic Detectable Unique Core Acceptance towards Teaching Institution of Nation or not.

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