Catastrophe of the 21st century : An unfolded Anaconda Bicep story

A gloomy picture has engulfed the sky of the 21st century world. An unknown virus (Corona) is spoiling our rhythm of life for a good number of days. The leaders of the world are in a mood of puzzle for its rapid deadly action. Scientists throughout the glove are trying their best to find out a medicine to resist the pandemic situation of the world. On the other hand ,the people of developing nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal etc. are in a mood of fighting against each other for adopting the process of governments corona program .It is ludicrous to say that our political leaders are very much interested to pick hole on governments corona activities. When constructive criticism and suggestions are needed from oppositions, they are trying to condemn almost all the activities of the government which is not desirable. It is the time to fight unitedly at a time of countries such grave situation. No government is in a position to take definite and decisive program in the mouth of puzzled situation. Our urgent need is to remove the giant- killer “corona” immediately. Otherwise, our economic and social position will be deteriorated.

Sadly, but surely migrant labours are in a starving condition today. They should be fed properly but due to some political hegemony-, they have been made a scapegoat. As a result, good will mission of the government is obstructed. Dissatisfaction against the central government is not a new phenomenon in any country where democracy hails. Democratic country deserves so. It is admissible during normal situation. We do not know when and how this procession of death will be ended. A vivid picture of economic depression throughout the world is forecasting by the experts of the respective fields. In comparison with the developed countries our economic condition is more vulnerable. Unemployment problems will be increased in such a manner that our social behaviour may be changed abruptly. Stealing, dacoity, murder and other-nefarious activities will take place everywhere. Only a united and spontaneous fight from all against the Covid-19 is the way to overcome from economic disaster. It is no doubt, an arduous task to such developed countries of 130 plus crores population. But we have an ability and desire to do so, if our will, unity and–determination- works together.

Agricultural labourers should be fed earnestly. They are the-backbone of economy. It is the duty of our government to investigate their will so that their hard-earned products should get proper value. No middleman can be entertained during market deal.

To protect the safety of the lives of the labourer, an insurance scheme may be introduced, and its premium should be reasonable. Secondly a huge number of migrant labourers of our country-are suffering from non-adequate food and shelter. A joint effort of both the state and central government is essential to eradicate the long-standing sorrow of our migrant people.

Their contribution towards the development of the country is not a negligible affair. Their daily or monthly wages should be ascertained by the govt through a law.

Those who are working in the company their services should be generated through a pension or any lifesaving schemes.

It is also known to us that the employees of multi-national companies are getting high salary in comparison with the employees of the state and central government. But in my opinion, parity should be maintained in all respect and facility that are given to the govt. employees may also be ensured in the case of MNC service holders.

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