Tweaky Friends:: A Calamitous Relationship beyond the boundaries

A nervy relationship which ahs heated up subcontinent and south Asia..

If the greatest holocaust of 21st century freights still spooks us then its not the end readers, we have some more in shelf waiting for us.Issue is different but could be as devasting as any epidemic that it could masacar the worlds happiness and opulence.

These days our SARC precious nations like India ,Pakistan,Nepal are in news and busy because of their liability amusment towards each other regarding tight boundary relations and conflicts but somewhere on the otherhand in Southeastern Asia PLA is loughing and says hey!! lets join the party and spread the filth and toxin little further.

Recently,as we all know Nepal lagislative has accepted a new map which has been shown as illegitmate occupancy by long time friend India and the bill has been successfully and contruversially approved in parliament.

No final resolutions is yet to be hammered on the table,I believe discussion is the key to solution.Its total confusion and chaos among neighbours and one opportunist country without mentioning the name mischiviously tryig to spoil the situation by taking the advatage of the state of affairs through divide and concur rule policy,which is not at all  benificiary for anyone   .

It did not take much time for long term friends to become long term foes due to total misunderstanding & bewilderment .Yes I know communalism and democracy cannot go hand to hand holding each other together.But if the differences can be used as strength of unity then it will be great for SARC nations and south Asias growth.Its not big deal and can be achived by sence of cool head and maturty as we say if there is a will then there is a way.

Article 370 has been abrogated in Kashmir now. Its hard to presume that just for few pannies how could someone even sell their soul well hearts and selfrespect.Stone pelting needs to be stopped with utmost utrocity and strict law must be passed by higher judacial systems with an immediate effect. Cheno Aman (peace) & business as usual is back in velly thanks to some stricts budge and policies by Indian government.Suddenly writing in walls got changed from India go back to Long Live India!!Lal Chawak is now fluttering with tricolours with no more mischivous strange looks towards anyone.Kashmiriyat zindabad.Yes,finally the country is victorious again,but we all know still a long road ahead. Some people might differ ,but no worriesKashmir is azad by real means now,Dal lakes shikaras are flooding with toursits and adveturers.Indeed India has won a real freedom war post 1947.

Nonetheless,horrifying psycho kiilings of Kashmiri pandits still gives gusse bumps to anyone.These brainless series killing needs to be stopped,just uttered cowardness and condemnable. Intellacts behind disruption are still under the blanket cover and on a run.It’s been long since so many people are homeless in Kashmir due to border outrages and continous sheeling from adjoining arch rivals of India.So honestly requesting our beloved Kashmiri brothers and sisters please support the forces and do not give ears to any false propganda and chronicles from antagonist nation ,which could viciously dilute restless minds.  

So called home grown terrorism gives fuel to civil war, creates unrest and dreaths,but people needs food for thoughts ,quality education,jobs and  financial aids for their fundamental prerequisites.Its time for sinful nations to mind their own business and not to interfere and play any isalmofobia religious card to rattle Kashmir anymore.

Kai po che(I have a cut) ,yes we know brother,which can be filled only with dialoge and comradeship.

On the other side of coin Mahalangur Range on the Tibetan Plateau, length and height of mountains is getting measured now a days,from the worlds tallest peak.Mount Everst is gittering,and shivering.PLA of China and Nepal are now flexing mussles for suprimecy from top verticles but for what ? Suddenly sharp and blunt faces has unitedly become join forces as togeter and started and uncanny agitation .Dal fry ,biriyani,roti with Sweet and Sour Pork and steamy momoms ,a cocktail combination I am not sure how many of our readers would like to relish?

Himalyans rangers always looks beautiful and elegent when the heaps of cloud cover scatterd and flying everywhere with raindrops falling cats and dogs.No one has right to disfigure it by guns,atom bombs,bullets or any sorts of human demolition artilaries. People does not want smoky vauge skyes,instead a clear one which gives birth to beautiful next days sunrise.

No one is supercilious.Power to vote for intergity and soverginity and not to throw sludge at each other.

Sources says,now a days people speaks different langauges an integrated versions of Nepali->Urdu->Mendarin,a jumble combination not easy to disgest. A complete Aabra ka Daabra.I believe only school of mouthpeace could have approved this.Not sure who is patronizing whom now? A triple threat conflicts can be unfolded at any time, an ungly spats which nobody wants to see.

Who comes victorious ,by brawling over each other no one knows? But why to fight unnecesarily against each other .Its just a curse for human civlization and ancestry.

Priorty to human tranquality,as mankind always needs an atmosphere of exitement to break free with  postive activites.

Suddently, we can fill that beautiful sunny picturesque Ladkh got trimmbled into darkness and fear mongering amongst peace-loving ladhakis .Bullets and guns pointing to each other eyeball to eyball,not a single shot fired till now.Known faces looks unknown.No more ,Hindi Chini bhai bhai.

Somewhere in Pacefic ocean,crysrtal Blue water of Beautiful south China sea ,instantly not able to bear or digest any more loads for islands building blocks with disputes and objections raising from every corner of the world only Beizing in vain selifishly trying to safeguard plenty of oil and gas to undesiredly block it for others.

No matter what takes place next but colour of the blood still reamins the same and worlds harmony does not require any bloddsheds and that is the exigency of the hour.

Save the motherland that’s the cry and hue everwhere,bleed 100 cuts but fight till the last.Lets see who draws the first blood. No, no that’s unacceptable. Mortal combat among gladiators is not the solution. Turabanator to a Huaren,man to man Its almost 20 days or more now, things are hanging in between standoff and talks but no solution or outcome.So,Keep it rolling. World media intervenes says peace and consonance is the only solution.We donot want one more Dokhlam saga to be unfolded please.Faceoff in Galwan velly must be put to an end.As per the latest update -PTI confirms in hand to hand scuffle in Galwan velly atleast 43 casualties happened on Chinesse and 20 on Indian sides which is sorry side indeed to think off.I urge both the countries should seat together and behave like mantured nations & put this imbecile acts to an swift end.

Need to break free beyond boundary barriers,so to spread love and contentment.

We know every human has a pulpy hidden tenderness somewhere inside in his or her sweet beautiful heart only thing what is needed to ignite it and to give it a flicker at the right time.

I will again replicate this if dissimalrities and misunderstandings can be handed down as strength of coalitions then major casualties can be averted.

Its 16th June 2020 while I am writing this, unsure whats the time in Beiging but with an  aspiration that within 16km plus radius area which has been captured by anonymous should be now declared as no mans land.  

I can close my eyes now and have a pleasent sleep & dreamt of that white pegeons are flying everywhere again.Messanger of peace please comeback vanquishing over wickedness.

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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