#Skillset mismatch?#please do the needful

Art,ingenuity,intellegince,prowess whatever we called it but that is the real X-oomph factor which differentaites between ordinary and excellent in todays fastly growing competative world.

Yes,dear friends we are on a run for so called acomplishment to acquire the success in contemporary days which seperates skilled professional and a conventional. It is the subjectmatter to discuss for todays article.

A knowledge or a technique to acquire a good job to sustain in industry.An undesirable barrier which might  create differences between closely bonded livelihodds .Humans are becoming machines and working day and night like robots to chase such artistry.

2007 a closely monitored tussling year for me as I went through various ups and downs.I was on verge of Masters complitions then suddennly a setback has strucked my carrer growth so its not a desitny but a brutish fact that was very hard for me to digest intially.My mother was struggling with prolonged desease and we are trying to escape unibattable,and all her agony comes to end on 01st  August 2007.

My mother passed away at the age of 53 due to stage3 cancer at overy.I was shocked and out of consenses for a long time.

Mental balance and physical health was started to fall in imbalance for me ,but life must go on as we are like gladiators and need to find another day to live.

My mom was an government employee and on the basis of early voluteary retirement she was elligeble for pension,father was already retired from his services when the mishap had happened.

Together with combined earnings It was getting very arduous for my dad to continue with my expencess along with my siblings and I was needed to find an assignment as quick as possible.

Job search was mendatory for me.I was on a pursue and from there onwards all the hard fights,scffle tussle has been started in my life.

By god grecious @ 2008 I got an job and started my carrer as a telesales executive with a bare minumum salary,where basic requirements was to generate sales lead and give it to fronend professional sales exes to get an win win or bid in favour of company.So basically I was a backend support guy worked 8 hours to generate fruitful leads to squads .

My communication was not upto the mark as it will usually happened to any village or small town boy, which was the basic art to survive in such sorts of ocuupations. But I improved as time goes on galoopingly.There was no such collabaration or join team forces as such since the job was contractual so heads of only to get few potential leads daily.The MD was good and give me platform and space to pull through.

2 months has gone by since then a new employee has joined with a bit of experience as her backing,so I was worried a bit as I know I will be again put into a testing situation to scuffle and hold on to the team.

Sadly my divinations are correct and unfolded as nightmare within few months, my colleague shown immence improvement, recognized ,its not that I am not performing but somehow I got ignored.In between my old MD who supervises our team has resigned & replaced with a new one.

If I compare the skillset amongst both of us then I fill that I joined as a fresher and lerant as much as to outlast in industry with handfull of matched skills compared to an experienced folks with whom I was no match at the beginning.So from where does combat or competiotion comes from?

But my badluck, indifferences strucked badly ,with wrong assesment ,appraisals,favouritsm and finally need to leave the job withan excuse of skillset mismatch,but where and how?

There is no straggle from my end I did exactly what my colleague used to due,provided the same the number of out-turn efficiently,then why I have been thrown out?I believe I might have forgotton to give that extra juicy candy which my counter part had given to satisfy my boss.Sorry boss!!  No regrets you try to fail me and prove me wrong but I have comeup flourish of trumpet overcoming hostalities and torments.

The question that modern industry setup should need to ask themsleves where and how the skillset levels have been assesed ,analyzed ?Hang back factors need to look over first by management top brasses, in terms of favouritism in some cases? judgement should be based on hard work firm determination and not on partiality? Foundation needs to setup properly.

What is the true definition of skillset?

Is it someones interest which relates to his or her caliver or is it something what we do to survive in industry for basic dal roti and keep nodding for every gibberish  like pup.For me if we go by industry standards then skillset veries from domain to domain.If any peers or subordiante changes his or her field then a straight forward assesment has to be made before we make aspirant thru,by understanding his or her strong area of interest.

Coming back to my misfortune,I was put to thrash and forced to search for another one absolutely for no reasons.1 year is a long time gap to wait friends,but what I could do and only option was to keep on searching for the next venture.

@ the edge of 2009 one of worlds largest MNC knocks at my door again,I got interviewed and joined in an well setted profile.

Things are going well there until adversity hits and hurt me again.I was influnced by some iniquitous companions and pushed myself to a deep well undoubtedly with misguidence and wrong thought of perceptions.

JAVA programming /J2EE was always what I always used to like during my college days and I scored pritty well in marks on the subject. A hot and sexy job which will give handsome renumeration in hands to anyone at any given point of time.But I forget that what we achieved theoritally may not be as same as practically when prospectives needed to put on implementation as per the industry standards.

During internal team movement I was assured that training will be provided ,so I said ok,but things took completely ‘U’ turn post joining.Mentor declined for any sorts of cooperation and reason is over-ornate and total absorption.

I was backstabbed and bitrayed and asked to take an immediate assignment with a team strength of 11 plus who are all skillfulled and well handed on the subject which I was not. I have given no time to complete the basic trainings. It has become again awkward for me to fight and outlive in the team,I took several outstationed courses learnt through various training E-meterrials and handy gudiebooks to have a self study so as to get command over the subject.I took it as a challenge and comeup successfully with flying colours.

Fortunately but luckily I was able to get into a positon where I could able to take the up the major responsibilty of the assignement.Thats good really good I felt happy.

But as we say its someones curse for others fortune and for me its just the opposite.

I  praised and overcomplimented myself so exggaratedly that one day my own spittle has dropped into my face.Readers you will be again aghast with the consequences.

I was again asked to leave the profile in the middle of an assisgnment with no reasons or justification only to find an letter in hand which says your contract has been terminated because your skill set does not match with others, though you are doing well.Happy to see you again& termination letter concludes with that.

Riding is on the walls as I need a magic ginnys help to somehow cloaw me out of the deep shit trench,but I know reality and vision never coexixts together.

I was confused ,on the mat and shocked again & thinking of my own mind that where is my skillset gap or incongruous.If I am doing what has been bestowed to me then is it my culpability if I failed to do something which was not assigned or forcebly thrown on me?Sorry!! I could not answer that.

Time has gone by from 2007 to 2020 things got worse to bad to good .I am father now with a happy family living so so,gaily. But, query still remains open that how do we justify the skillsets of anyone?

One establishment to another various profile got changed ,heads got bumped from one court to another but still quest and quench for the much illuded inquiry remains unanswered.

I will rather give the verdicts on to my readers to judge it.

I would be thankful to my readers as well if you guys helps me to answer below set off puzzles:  

1.How to adopt the skillset if you already know you are skilled on that?

2.Few reasons,if two equally compatable are well matched with skills then how one is superior over other?

3.What are the different ways to eject a skilled employee,by virtue of showcasing an excuse?   

Whatever has haapend with me so far for that I don’t blame anyone because I felt that somewhere its my fault also. Since, I believe dexterity or accomplishment is something what your character or worth is suited or designed or not what you are doing?

I am writing this piece of article hoping to get maximum likings from the readers so that my skillset got off to a flyer again.

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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