#Deadly Galwan velly clashes # Indian Swedeshi revolution needs a big push otherwise its nothing but #banana republic situation

Indias Swedeshi revolution,find indian productsas alternative choice

As high voltage trade fight has errupted on south Asias soil to flex for suprimacy .Few SARC countries,including complete South East Asia along with Australia and neighbouring nations are also filling the heat and getting gittery.Butterflies are flying everywhere in the stomach.

As per The Wall street Jurnal updates the global trade fight is not uncommon among big or largely populated nations as no one want to come out as a biggest lossers or 2nd last at the end of the day.

India and China are the two biggest giants in South East Asia so rivalary is taking a bitter turn for the past 6 months or so .

Reasons and conflicts are latest border issues between these 2 superpowers of Asia.In the recent Galwan velly physical tussles & clashes both the armies have suffered heavy casualties which has been reported & established by media sources.

As per FP which confirmed the news that Democratic Island Taiwan can attack & win an war over China but somehow PLA is in complete denial mood and rejecting it as like rumours but somewhere in the back of minds they are also scared, so no doubt a big cloud cover is hovvering over CPC republic . Its crystal clear that there is a cold war which has broken out in South Asia where rifts and sparks has been spreaded across the world. I have though explored some useful information through the below link for references:


Its been along time since both India and China have significantly failed to resolve their border disputes since 1947.Panchasheel Agreement has considerably failed to improve any sorts of economic establishment and security disputations between the two giants. As per Indian Media China has also violated 1993.96 LAC agreements which says both the counties will jointly check and monitor that no one should over stepped the actual line of control.If there is any indecision or confusions then dialogue and conference is the only solution to reach to any sorts of conclusion and no blood sheds or over agressions will be allowed.

As per India Today in recent Galwan velly scuffles PLA attacked unarmed Indian Armies with nail studded Iron rods cowardly,but for why? A mindless savage strike which enter world has condemned.

But Republic network media confirmed that, Indian solidiers are actually not unarmed but only thing they are following protocols which has stopped them not to use any artilaries or weapon agaist the chinese counterpart ,Chinese however though violated all protocols and backstabbed and put an aggressive, fierce attack on Indian jawans.

If we go through geographical overview & history Galwan river which flows through disputed Aksai chin where post 1962 war chinesse rejime retained almost 14700 sqft miles out of 38000 sqft  as a result Chineese has now a stretegic advantage over India.Galwan is a very upstrim river and on a highest altitude so it is suspected that during hand to hand combat majority of the forces from both the sides had slipped and slided into Galwan river and died.As per the sources recently,PLA has made maximum number of deployments and infusions in disputed Indo China territory which includes large number of camps air bases and other construction related works and Indian Army did not took this lightly and tried to resist which has resulted a massive ugly browling.  

I believe that viewers are already aware that there are strateic advatages as well related to Galwan velly predominance and no parities wanted to give it in inch but since PLA forecefully intruded into Indian territory and started scuffle with Indian Army resulted casualties with approx 43 plus innocent lives.But Chicken neck corridor belongs to no one any unfair advantage needed to be dealt with utmost diplomatic,political and military forces.I believe international community needs to intervene and VETO it.Bullying needs to be stopped.

My condolences and prayers for the brave hearts and their kith and kins who lost their precious life in actual line of control for fighting to protect the soverginity and integrity of the nation.

Now coming back to trade feasta affair since India and China has signed a contract and bilteral agrrement so any immediate withdraw from Chineese products import will lead India to bear atleast 88 percent economic losses which by any means is a substantail damage .I am not sure how much a developing country like India is capable to tolerate any finanical loses at this point of time post COVID-19 pandemic.

But Indian PM is very strict ,firm and regorous on his point of view regarding swedeshi jagaran raise,  appraisements and demanding citizens of India for an immediate & early boycotting of any cheap Chinese goods.

It has also been observed that there are considerable amount of angers in India over the death of 20  Jawans and youth bloods are boiling in country.Xi Jin Pings effegy has been burned ,smashed and kicked on indian streets.Screw China and pay them dearly is the hue and cry.Its almost war like situation now. Question is now who pulls the trigger first.

Both the countries top leaders like Narendra Modi and Xi jin Ping needs to seat and discuss through a round table or video conferencing meeting to sort such imbecile tensions ASAP before things could really run out of hands.Any sorts of impatience or rush of blood could lead to a disastrous state of affairs  which will be diffcult to copeup for South Asian regions .

Coming back to the topic of snubbing any chineese goods I am fine and ok with it as long as countries need of the hour demands the same but there are mindless and foolish politics going on in India as oposition is opposing every steps and moves of the government when time demands united coexitance and reach out for a solid and concreate solution .2008 secret India Vadra Congress and CPC under the table deals are still unanswered which every Indians wanted to know? and it happened in the midst of post India-China Dokhlam border standoff.

Dear friends,I would like to share a strange experience with everyone.Last week I have ordered few electronic Items and accessories through Indian largest Ecommerece company ,at the time of booking I ensured that the halmark of swedeshi(India Made) stamp authority on the product should be guranteed before confirming the final order.

Post booking within few days parcel had reached in my hands.I am happy and extatic as I got my order right on time but hilarious part starts now.When I opened the product strangely the box level says Made in India but all the materials inside the box says Made in China!!the same incident has reoccured with me twice within a frame of week.   

So, my question to Indian administration, hence forth going forward in near future is this the trend for so called swedeshi home trade for India ? Chineese slavery are already in Indians bloods and vains and It requires big antidotes and hurculian effort to give a  final real go and superspread Made in India! Swedeshi virus push.

Are we going to see anytime that finally baba Ramdevs Patahnjali will take control over Indian markets and trade stockhomes by smasshing and taming chinesse jagooner ?

On the ospecious occasion of ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA 100th birthday ,I strongly believe that all Indians will surely love to see a powerful Indian Rama is coming victurious by bulldogging and defeating flying & fiery chinese dragons.

Together we concur we rule.

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