A gratifying love story of #Shah Jahan -Mumtaz #Tajmahal jewel of Muslim art in India ,the stardom of tranquility&contentment, hatsoff to angelic white beauty of the universe

Not a love story but an epic romantic chronical 

Shah Jahan -Mumtaz’s immortal never ending love story become famous when Shah Jahan gifted Taj Mahal to his beloved sweet heart wife as symbol of love and divine eternity immortal love saga which has been recognized by entire affinity.

If today’s new generation incase would like to take any inspiration that what has turned out to be the true definition of love .then lovebirds would definitely like to explore or rather took leaf out of the most glorious couple of time 1607 Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.But my opinion might differs with others.

When Mumtaz died after giving birth to 14th child as she falls seek drastically and unable to cope up of from her bad health.

Shah Jahan got into depression after wifes sudden death and mentally become imbalance as he failed to look after into his kingdoms& his life has become a living brutal hell or nothing else .He just used to stared towards Mumtaz’s grave and cried like insane, somewhere lost in heaven by living only to those beautiful moments or memories which he had spent with his beloved, remembering those beautiful textiled adventures days which will never come back to him again. Duos sorrowful love saga is nothing but much filled with dissapointments or soreness as it had snatched away the exuberance of fondness &warmth that these 2 charismatic couple used to spent together. Prejudices of death loughs and says hey!!life does not comeback after death again. Future should forget the past.History says that there are brut angles & terrible truths behind their so called fasinating relationships but I donot want to dig much into that.

Love is blind and deaf and does not need any boundaries to super spread its messages. Things has moved swiftly from 1607 to 2020s but our young generations I believe still today motivations & passionate themselves from those 2 worlds most beloved couples fairy tale story,but again my viewpoint might differ with readers.

Shah Jahan later built a dream project symbol of love Taj Mahal in anamnesis and happy memories of his sweetheart angel queen.

He loved his wife so much that he chopped off  the hands off all labourers whose craftmanship and dedication is responsible for entire built setup for today’s worlds amongst 7th wonder& thats Taj Mahal.In today’s day of calamity when there is no difference between human and animal then people goes to the Taj Mahal to forage for a little happiness and peace from robotic life style.

14th Feb is valentine’s day celebrated across the world but I believe the day should also be put a name as red rose day also, the day when Shah Jahan first proposed his beloved darling and she accepted with full gratitude and solemnness and from there on caravan moves on. But again its just a school of thought.Music love and writing these three things can easily change the worlds fortune, a devastating foe can be turned into a friends,& that’s the power of intimacy is all about. Love however teaches us forgiveness, mercy but at the same time sometimes it snatches from us also very important treasurers aswell . Shah Jahan however failed to control his emotions and sorrows and slowly started to falling sick & got himself drowned completely, his kingdom suffers heavy financial losses as he has been summoned in court several times for financial obligations and clearances.

The most beautiful women of the world died distressing and leaving the entire world in a state of  shock, but love teaches us and told us to do that I quote “when we stand between  life and death & the most difficult times of our life knocks the door, then we should only think of that loved ones who is very close to us,carry. It seems like once for the last time if we could meet loved ones, then death is also like nothing less than pleasure and satisfaction”.

Heer Ranjha, Laila majnu,Shri Farhad and so many charismatic love stories had come and transpired mankind’s &everyone immersed in the abyss of love. But for me Mumtaz- Shah Jahan love story stood first, because there was no limit to this love. If Mumtaz is sitting somewhere in the moonlight thinking of his hubby then on the other hand  Shah Jahan would also sit somewhere far away closing his eyes and think of only Mumtaz, lost in an unknown world where the fairies of love whispering on his ears expresses their gratitude, beautiful divine love story in a sweet melodious tone. Today in modern eras no companions would like to present the Taj Mahal to anyone as it has been believed that  Taj mahal is the representation of love but indeed a grave of Mumtaz, Shahjahan’s wife. So any such antiques or show piece of Taj or its snapshot should not be kept at home as it symbolises death and the state of inactivity. And it is also be of the opinion that such things at home affect our livelihood and happiness.A beautiful cursed love saga that has ended with gruesome consequences.

@the end  I would love to dedicate Darbari Kanara a simple Indian raga Darbari, a soothing female version of the Gazal to all the readers and viewers across the globe. A truly unforgettable, emotional eternal love song. Please enjoy the beats.”Apni julfee meri shanno pne“(which Shah-Jahan has dedicated to his consort Mumtaz).

Kindly use headphone/speaker for better sound clarity

Haapy worlds music day to everyone.Finally got some relief from stress & anxieties.

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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