Insufficient opportunities, steadfast stardom, Exhibitionist frame of mind that makes hard barriers &creates sceptical differences

Rich becomes more richer, poor becomes even more poorer day by day, & that’s the bonk truth. Both developed and developing countries are getting huge bonanza of economic packages worth whopping lakhs, crores, millions to fight with COVID pandemic an anaconda bicep from which it is almost next to impossible to get rid off?.

In developing countries like India with millions& still counting where people who holds responsible government portfolios are just like mafias, ogre and criminals, primary objective of such uncivilized secs is to just be pocketing under the table money for their own comforts and sustainability. Life has lost its moral value long time back where no one acknowledges the sorrow of impoverishedes In modern fastly developing year of 2020s, unimpeachable labourer migrants are mowed down by a speeding train and thrashed like garbage, when we are living in fast and improved connective world, so how does such uncourteous mindless activity took place, is it not a conspiracy or a murder? A blinded worrier shielded by uncountable nemesis in a battle field with no sward and artilleries to fight on..

Unnecessary Religious hat riots and politics, Linguistic fights for no reasons. My language is expensive, and all the rest deserves hammer and tonking. Human sentiments are getting tight slaps & kicks as always on faces and buts. Unfortunately, a jackass fight where there is no morality and civic sense prevails at the right time, so sorrowful for any nations. Bring back indigenous business market and wipe out balderdash foreign trades e-commerce B2B business are the axioms if to be followed then I believe mock drills might have started already for insurgency rise?? I hate to see when a stack off red-faced bloody masks tried to dominate tricolours but then from nowhere an unknown howl & scream shouts and says democracy you can win again by reviving & erasing the blackness of darkness. 

As we all know it’s been a terrible illness or a sickness that there is not enough privatization in India or even so called in any evolving countries, and as a result huge scarcity has been created in IT, ITES and all other job creation processes with no ultimate satisfaction guaranteed. Post Covid-19 epidemics its now more like poison in the gut now. job wails are everywhere. Nail in the screws which each and every lower middle classed populace would love to see striked out off with efficiency and possibly with an immediate effect.

I can recollect that there are “N” number of foolish incidents where youth boiling bloods has ended their life in a streak of frustration by drinking poisons for not getting a job, a failed prominence when raise was expected. Is it not a shame for any democratic country that so-called fake mutiny for freedom is getting treated nothing less than a slut? an absolute butchery of a situation no doubt whatsoever.

I wish if I could reach out to save some precious life but my bad ass, destiny and most inescapable failed me to get even closer to anyone. A cruel hardship which will be always like burden, a black rib boned thread in my neck that I will carry till my death.

E-life should continue unabruptly and message is very clamorous and clear. Open the laptop @ your home so to ensure that office business is not getting disturbed and business should always be in smooth sailing process as usual, so life is messy and screwed up no doubt for lower middle classed working people as well. A peace of mind atmosphere is definitely needed for sure.

As per Economic times post COVID outbreak domestic, MNC’s, private firms should not be expected a good appraisal or hike because of such blistering and tough economic environment. Already in India central government has declared 10-15% of the PF fund should be deducted from taxpayer’s salary as a contribution towards epidemic. So, it completely depends on take home of a solitary, not a very satisfactory thing that any private service attendant should be joyful off.Please find a handy link for testimonial:


Some section of the society is only benefited during challenging times and other sections are deprived. Dirt’s and junks are piling up everywhere, still not enough public toilets in countries,

Not sure how many young female youths have been saved so far from rape, forced prostitutions and other sinful activities? Sadly, for India Mission “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” somewhere is getting a bumpy bounce, an unsuccessful initiative or outcome which government should not be filling proud off.

Post-independence and freedom struggles developing nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, have come long long way, but still what we achieved is very agonizing and not so optimistic at all.

1947 is a year which has been a very tough and stiff growling year for India’s democracy, as country has come up with leaps and bounds post partition a inhuman barbaric separations from kinfolks and so many inexpiable chaotic incidents happened which is nothing but pain in ass. So many people got homeless fled from one place to another searched for much  eluded destination, Ransoming mass killing everything has shattered a put a black spot on countries fame and legacy. But thanks to some spontaneous action by administrative authorities made nation to again crawl back to normalcy from state of emergency, slowly but steadily.

What we want to achieve? what we want to do? Everything is in hesitation & dilemma. But believe me readers we are chasing a mirage where death is penultimate.

The god of death is standing somewhere waiting to seize our precious life, which is just fleeting round the corner. So I believe its time for those rich and aristocratic booms of the country should lead from the front holding hand to hand with governments by supporting with all nitigirities so that together we can come triumphant by overcoming distinction and any rigid blockades by pulling up our deprived poverty-stricken segments from swamp which stops any development and expansion growth of a promising & encouraging nation.

please conserve us

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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