Endurance Race Thunders Extreme Wings…. Quality Adjectives can dismiss the rule of Metamorphism

Unbearable Load

In our day to day life, we can communicate with various words in kinfolks with others.  Ex: Whose book is this? This boy is very intelligent. She is an ugly girl, awful. You are worthless etc, but if we notice that each line has a modifier to change the meaning of the sentence.  Some well-known adjectives are mentioned above to demonstrate that if they are properly added, can either enhance or cost the definition of metamorphosis.

A brightly decorated day waiting to greet Spring and starts for a voyage in quest of innovative information. Dreaming rather urgently with the hope of some virtuous friends. With the magnificent seven colours of the sky, challenging some more colours to be added. Appealing fingers to the pen and trying to change versions, visions, equations or sometimes exasperations. Keenly ready to stimulate the escalation to spread its shade of blush more promptly………. Unfortunately, only some exchange of words without any sensibility. Have to brought up an inevitability with key attentions, always told.  Scolded and folded in blank papers several times for discussing views. Furiously drafting faces with bulging eyes, bizarre expressions as a victory but never observed.  Gradually proceeding towards obscenity but still need to astonish the aspects of a disassemble feather to endow a hassle- free life……. This is the real world now.

 Readers, trying to put some light on the parrot’s training routines specifically calculated for achieving!!!  Heard about some sadly affected stories behind colourful butterflies recently, one of them are texting here.

The book of this ecstatic adorable journey had started at the age of3 or 4 as holding a shield, hopping back and forth, sometimes trying sweeties as a bribe. Once get the realisation of the destination, looking back with teary eyes and surprisingly locate some figures and forget everything. As only the beginning so features become friend. I can recall it very clearly because I was also a spectator of this.

 Stepping out some more steps with age, awarding with good praises and become accustomed with confidence and supports, trying heart and soul to retain stability resembling the sky that cuts out its hazes reversely to enhance its poise. But sometimes with dark or blue patches or a stick for an impressive authority. However, the abundance never stopped over dreaming. Now, only 10 years, but hardly renowned with studies as failed to play with choices and a fragile plan. Going through a neuroleptic syndrome and under treatment now.  Parents are now trying their best to cure the innocent. A very unpleasant shadowy flaw chart no one can wish to be constant with their kiddies. Isn’t it? The question now arises who is responsible for this!

 Sometimes related this to a funny tale liked during my childhood.

 A foolish king had a parrot and wanted to educate it with all his muscles. He brought some trained pandits and a goldsmith to decorate the cage with jewels. The pandits started to track the parrot and organised a hawan to intensify fame. Suddenly, one informant confirmed that the parrot flew away from the cage. To follow the orders, the guards somehow got the parrot but it could not make any noise as it was stuffed with papers. A blacksmith came and clipped a chain to the wings so it could not fly.  The next day, the parrot died.  The soldiers brought the dead parrot to the king. He touched the parrot with hands but could only hear the pages rustling in the parrot’s body. Earlier it was a comic narrative for me only but now become an instance.

 One established fact that if we consume recurrently, bound to affect our digestive system and can result serious illness. Too much flow of blood within the arteries can cause blood pressure.  Even science also declares very often oppressions on anything could be abortive then why we are not admitting this simple logic?

 Similarly, purposely putting pressures on our environs could be sometimes destructive. Wild lives are also shattered with the trials completed on their bodies perpetually. The result currently we are mourning!

 A seedling also takes advantages to become a plant first and then a big tree because nature never likes any disruptions. Sudden desires of benefited can be sometimes become a mirage.  Here I want to complement some good adjectives for visionary.

 Adjectives or scientifically emotions play a vital role in our life.  It is not only a grammatical explanation, but its methodical apply can trick a magic with words. In our busy life if we are able to differentiate between soothing appreciations and activity, then can save some twinkling stars to became a meteoroid. If some hesitations or anxieties are captivating mind, then only some considerate hands can expunge it. As discoursed in the above pathetic story, if the child would be able to get some mindfulness for his burden then perhaps not seen suchtoughphases of life. Put pressure but in such way that it can accept and not refuse. Once an intellect has been cracked can be a threateningto reorganise again as feelings represent sense organs and damaged organs may be harmful for all creatures.

 Learnings begin at home or the institutions should be a home to the learners. But if our youth escapes to share all their excitements, then think how much gaps we have been crafted so far. I am not criticising anyone but it is a fact that now we are mostly busy with our drastic life that don’t have time to share a golden cup with our family. Children are now hesitating their secrets and rather prefer to be blissful with their robotic life. Teachers are pretending to do their best but the result is zero. Then who will create the history talents or destiny…………don’t know.

 Finally, time to put some impact on this topic and adopt some good motivations connected to quality emotions, so our genius minds should not be decorated behind an exhausted and suffocated cage as Breathings Matters.

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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