Mission Kashmir: India v Pakistan who is finally winning the battle and gaining most supremacy and attentiveness..

Bumroo Bumroo Sham Range Bumroo” yes, the song which sounds ring bells to everyones ears all the time & that describes how is all about the majestic and beautiful Kashmir in one single word, the Switzerland of India. The heaven where god of happiness consistently loved to live. Preety mountains of Pir Panjal Ranges squawks and sings says hey!! if life is somewhere in the world then it’s in Jannate (Paradise) Kashmir.

Maa tujhe salaam (Mommy I bowed to you), I cannot see tears in your eyes. May everyone be happy, god of death please stay away.

But, who knew that one day my thoughts would turn into despair, that wicked hostile eyes have strucked our beautiful Kashmir so badly that it did not took much time to turn happiness into sorrows & turmoil’s.

An evil daemon who is spreading its fire of distaxy and venoms everywhere suddenly turned peace loving Kashmiris into brutal& vicious and spinned them as enemy of their own country.

Just a bit of background as all our viewers are already aware off, Jammu and Kashmir was a region formerly administered by India as a state from 1954 to 2019.With an population around 1.25 crore where there was no sorts of legging in brother hood or harmony among different religious practised mankind’s. Majority of predominance are Muslims, but comradeship coexists in bloods as factions like Hindu pandits, priests are living peacefully holding hand to hand of each other with no issues at all. Sufferings and poverty which is not new to Kashmir, but Kashmiris always loved to live happily in peace stardom, by forgetting griefs and distress.

But a so-called neighbouring antagonist nation whose crocked eyes was always behind unrest and disturbances to test the sovereignty of India’s homeland Kashmir with an unwanted jealous grievances and selfishness clamming Kashmir should be independent territory by rattling innocent Kashmiris? But a mindless psychotic attitude where entire world has condemned such foolish and humpy behaviour.

As per News18 in a new book of Nehru by Moosa Raja where some sections highlights& pinpoint that Jawaharlal is somewhat responsible for today’s Kashmir problems & discomfiture.

Viewers can explore the below link for more information:


Facts & materials to explore:

1.Militancy and terrorism that gained currency in the state since 1988

2.Mosa Raza’s sensational claims, that in September 1948 Kashmir disputes could have been resolved by Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Kashmir though boiling since 1947 as both Pakistan & China has their claims. India’s Nuclear armed neighbours Pakistanis though believed that based on its majority Muslim population Kashmir should be independent territory or rather tagged with them. China claims the Shaksam Valley and Aksai Chin. Imbessile scepticism and act of chaos due to which every Kashmiris are suffering.

Today, Delhi and Islamabad both claim Kashmir in full, but control only parts of it – possessions recognised internationally as “Indian-administered Kashmir” and “Pakistan-administered or rather occupied Kashmir”. (POK)

More information can be explored via: Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/10537286

Jinnah though had different opinion s about Kashmir with massive Muslim majority claimed Kashmir belonged to Pak. For more information how Kashmir was won from Jinnah and Mountbatten please explore below link:

Link: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/how-kashmir-was-won-from-mountbatten-jinnah/articleshow/70560879.cms?from=mdr

Livelihood and youth of exuberance has been snatched by some mindless islamophobia junks and putting young bloods into terrorism hence Kashmiri has blazed red-hot. Everyone from children to oldies has been brainwashed by venoms from across the border enemies and put them into mindless jihadi freedom struggle. The wrestle or freedom fight was for no reasons whatsoever?

Uncountable number of dead bodies has been piled up in morgs on day after day where cries and scream of parents had been hidden and lost somewhere in an unknown world.

Indian government blames separatists and Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based militant group, for igniting the protests and disruptions in Indian administrative Kashmir through their E-lobbies. Though most of the separatists these days are pulling the prison mills.

In 2016 Kashmir has been erupted by the killing of Burhan Wani a Masiha come terrorist by Indian Security forces. A massive achievement for which Indian government owed to Indian Army. And to add further valley again erupted post 2019 Pulwama & URI attacks where revenge for motherland has been taken by soldiers with a surgical strike, destroying number of terrorists camps near LOC. Sources says Burhan’s “GF” betrayed him and join hand to hand with cops resulted his untimely death. Majority of the Kashmiri young Muslims who had joined Hizbul to ignite antisocial activities in valley but got killed ruthlessly by Indian forces, as per ndtv.com in last 24 hours 8 terrorists got neutralized. Ups and downs are not uncommon to Kashmir but most in general Kashmiri’s now believe that right path is peace & to be integrated with India.  

The Pak virus has been super unfurled amongst Kashmiri innocents so much they started to target Indian army with stones ,rods,hand made guns and other idiotic attacks which has been backed up by the mastermind terrorist gangpins operating from Islamabad or Karachi.

Forces resist with mixed cautions but befittingly with calm and coolness and tried to bring situation under control. They took kicks snubs backstabbed from bloodthirsty mobs but kept quiet as always, just to keep the protocol in check and safeguarding territorial integrity.

As I believe viewers are already aware well informed that Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict which is started post India’s independence 1947.There are disputed regions where both Indo and Pak claimed as there’s and situation has deescalated and gone out of hands many a times.

3 wars have been fought severely and for all victory is in India’s favour. As per “video volunteers” almost several families have lost their kith and kins, dear ones in the hands of armed forces for because of raising gratuitous Kashmir freedom movement and spooked Indian Army for a fiery gun battle fighting.

I am growing up day by day knowing from childhood that something horrible which could have been resisted and avoided.

A fear has been gripped through Kashmir motherland which people are not used to it. Indian Army has tried to stop Kidnapping, ransoming, rape cases,, physical torture cases and other brutalities by anonymous  by sacrificing their own lives which no Kashmiris can denied.

Good news is that Lalchawk is happy to see Indian flag is fluttering now instead of green ornate virus. JNU, Aligarh Muslim Universities are not rising its head by dancing and clapping anymore with “Jinnah wali azadi” instead expression changed to Long live India. Kashmir you are precisely the winner again.

 By the grace of god , 8 weeks post article 370 was scrapped & post NDA comes back to power Kashmir is again started to limp back into normalcy and people are started to live a break and breath free life. Asha workers ,fruit vendors mine workers all has again got back their normal life.

On the other hand, Islamabad is in complete jealous, denial and in demonstration in bid to get world opinion in their favour & mindset is to try to create a war like circumstances with India.

But unfortunately for PAKs the Pakistani national anthem and also considered to be an anthem for Kashmir aswell,which earlier used to play across private Kashmir television channels and radios, now turned into India’s national anthem “Jana gana mana yadhi” ,flowing thru each and every Kashmiris blood and also in voice . Fantastic fascinations and incredible signs for democracy.

Bad news for Pakistani supporters.

Majority of Kashmir Muslims in Kashmir also declined and denied false propaganda and narratives of Pakistan.

But Pakistan PM Imran Khan still tried to shed croc tears and quarte on a national channel that  “We are with Kashmiris”, a devil advocate corner I believe no viewers wanted to listen or agreed .

As per the Economic Times both China and Pak raise fresh bid to pushup Kashmir issue in UNSC.

As per latest resources and update from EC Times Indian BSF shoots down a PAKI spy drone which was effectively carrying arms and ammunitions to supply to Pak patronisers who resides in Kashmir valley and always in rummage to create hitches.

But raising above all barriers, and conflictual judgements what we believe that its check mate for both the antagonist nations China and Pakistan as Narendra Modi and Team India guns on RSS shoulder is coming victorious in all guns blazing by suppressing the Saturn’s brain into nightmare and turning Kashmir into a beautiful place for peace and happiness again where sun of god will rain flowers as before.

Time is not so far where every Kashmiri & entire India will sing & dance in one voice

Mohe Lageaya lagaye mohe, lagaye lageya mohe, lagyea Basanthi rang”.(A patriotic Indian Song)

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