An uprooted voyage

Proceed towards a cruise for living alone

Chanting and chirpings are doing their own

To make me happy with a blissful gloom

And get an isolated room…………

Readers, going to put my opinions on the state of mind of a lonely aged person departed from his/her family without any convincing reason but only to accomplish the act of some illogical acumen. I am convincing my viewpoints only and nothing specific.

Democracy defines freedom in every aspect of our life absolutely when embraced with the values. Constitution always grant, every citizen has the right to express their feelings or burnish their contemporaries in their own way as this is the moral right to certify examples. But some rights are definitely not increasing the expanse of our constitution.  Our birth rights glorify the values for existence and not any commanding exercise to demolish one’s individuality. 

When we talk about many assortments across the world, are always pleased with the abundance of resources. But sometimes a proud or awning mind become so overriding that we overlook the assessment between a living and a non-living. Supposed we credit a new recliner for bringing comfort but if becomes tattered then we never think twice to smack it down. A proper inspection can teach us various undefined facts from an insignificant substance, but we delay in accepting the lessons. We pay heed to the variety in spices but never think that sometimes a dominant flavour can indulge the taste of a dish, we desire. A tiny pulse also never repudiates the shelter to its weevils unless or until they are completely washed away or wish to go. Then what about the human beings?  Actually, there is a very fine gap between visionary and adaptation. Visions are the conceptions of mind as controlled by our brain and adaptation is what we gather from our surroundings. It is very required now a days to read the mind because our disrespects are demolishing the urges of nature.

Frequently we talk about many social issues and put opinions on them but are we successful to get any solution? Many aged persons are still displaced and searching for a reliable shelter either vigorously by their children or consciously by own to maintain a peace in the family. Old age homes are increasing day by day. Our pioneers are deserted, begging for foods and money for treatment and protection with teary eyes.  

Sometimes thrown away from the hospital authorities and if bill is not paid harassed by managements. Family members are also unprepared to share their tissues and leave them alone on an isolated road or an NGO. Is this the decorum of the 21st century society that we are presently facing? Society is our structure and our founders play a key role to revitalise the strength. They put their lifetime framework on many concerns which can never be ignored. Unfortunately, we are blind enough to pinnacle their space in our modern life. In our terms, a plant does not need an unproductive soil. 

Some individuals are stable in overseas and however could not manage to take their parents along them and opted for a shelter in the form of an old age home where amenities for an elderly regarding health and other issues are present but life is missing. Besides, there are some individuals who take the advantages to gambol their accountabilities very cleverly. India is famous for its culture and tradition all over the world. The cravings for old age homes are mounting now in India both small or big cities and budgets are also very high. Only a few of our aged are pension holders and can suffer the cost, but many must look forward to their children for their spending. At times, they become so helpless that breathing their days in dread and depression. Engagements in other activities arranged by many organisations sometimes give them relief but only to some extent. They thought that moving out to an old age home is the final step in this age before their death. Segregation grasps their mind as visits from their loved ones are very few in number. Of course, some seniors are enjoying their lives with co mates happily but there are still a few who are grieving their existence with a load of stress. Several even cannot perform their religious worships appropriately like earlier at home in an unknown environment.

Certainly not making some more NGOs for their shelters is not a resolution. Accept, NGOs are doing their best to give the gradual hands to bring them out from a pathetic circumstance, but if society tolerate us to satisfy our so-called digital and atomic life in lieu of originators then we need to think about next generation who will also continue with this process of escaping soul.  Quoted here,

A generation which ignores history has no past and no future

And so my humble request, kindly show some efforts to discount the generation gaps created so far and decide,

# An Old Age Home should be only for disadvantaged and not for runaway the responsibilities.


Published by bhattraps,beauty of fusions

Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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