Mother is above all

My dear grand daughter and sons,

My sweet heart,

Pray to god day and night,

Be bold in life to fight,

Listen (to) the words of mother,

Win will come near,

No work make you bother,

Great or small whatever,

There is nothing greater,

Mother is mother,

Compare is abusurd to other,

Remember always in danger,

Never hurt our mother,

Her toils to our grown up,

An universal effort,

Let her live in comfort,

Life is full of encounter,

Mother a lady with a lamp,

Stands beside without fear,

In win and despair,

Respect her core of heart,

An image of blessings,

Never betray her favour,

Oh! she is our dear mother,

My dear grand son and daughter,

Remember remember.

Published by bhattraps,beauty of fusions

Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

18 thoughts on “Mother is above all

  1. It’s beautiful and Universal truth of life that mother is mother. We must not hurt her because she is the who was, who is and who will always going to stand with us when world is going to against, when no one is going to support. She is a Good because she give birth to life.

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