The Global threat of 3rd world war is blooming: Do not want to see any more human casualties, please for god sake, Antagonist nations please stop blind madness..

There is nothing new phenomenon for worlds mankind history, we have seen the cardinal hard storylines where situation has got worst to better and significant improvements as well, unfortunately many a times circumstances has gone out of control & got deescalated.

There had been bloodthirsty mindless engagements and confrontations where entire universe has engaged in a warfare by violating the principles and protocols without thinking much for the welfare of the civil societies.

Since World war is a war nothing but vicious engagement in by all or most of the principal nations of the world. There are almost no subjective reasons though for spark ignitations, but some cold-blooded global conflicts are the devastating reasons for bloody imbecile combats.

Usually the term conflicts or any provocation usually ignites usually among 2 major countries who are almost in a cold war like situation for decades and are also considered as giant superpowers who are well equipped with modern artillery and well trained in sophisticated technologies .

E.g. India and Pakistan has been engaged in a worst cold war since decades now, which entire universe has aware off, but suppose for god gracious if situation some-days goes out of control which ignites a face to face military confrontation might result a global threat to entire community & chances of outburst a major world war. A scary and dangerous sign for world economy and its advancement.

Now dear friends, reasons to provoke or rather give rise to wars are pretty crystal clear because neighbouring friendly and foe nations took each other’s side and since military involvement is there so slowly situation would turn into a shape of world war where there are opportunities ready to tear off each other apart.

The human civilization has fought many a world war like world war1 and world war2 and outcomes and bitterness everyone is thoroughly aware off.

World War I (Brief)

It has caused more damages than any other war which has never been fought before. 9 million soldiers approx. and as many civilians died in the war, a pathetic site that human civilization would love to forget. Germany and Russia had suffered the greatest number of mortalities, both countries lost almost two million men in fierce homicidal battle. Large sections of land, especially in France and Belgium, were completely destroyed.

Just to dig a bit of background, though our readers are already aware off I believe, World War I began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he was the eldest son of the Archduke Charles Louis and bloodthirsty war lasted until 1918. Difficult to imagine that battle could have been lasted till 4 years. During the conflict, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers mostly consists of South-eastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Asia, parts of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Northern Africa, and the Horn of Africa) fought against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States (the so-called Allied Powers).So the war was straight fought amongst Central powers vs Allied powers.

World War II

It began on September 1, 1939, Adolf Hitler the world’s biggest dictator, not sure how many of our readers believe? (even I have inconsistent thought on this),invaded Poland from the west; two days later, France and Britain declared war again Germany, resulted beginning World War II. On September 17, Soviet troops(unseparated) invaded Poland from the east.

It has been of notion that so called German Military leader Hitler was responsible for instigating World War2..

The ultimate tragedy:

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which human dynasty never wanted:

The most shocking and brutal part of World war II unfolded when United States (B-29) dropped two nuclear weapons over the Japanese highly booming and growing cities of Hiroshima and  3 days later second  B-29 bomber aircraft dropped another Atomic bomb to Nagasaki which approximately resulted massive casualties, resulted almost 40000 to 80000 loss of innocent lives and livelihoods.

A major significant thing is to note that post devastative explosions almost 90 percent of the dense populace has been wiped out. So ferocious the effect was.

Why USA did this harm to Japan civil society is still answered? World will knock back to US corridor and ask hey!! you mankind’s, did you forget the difference between barbarity and humanity?

Does mankind lost all its civic sense and moral value where life does not have any meaning. Anything as severe and cruel, a devastating human mass killing by using lethal artillery such as Atom Bomb has been used to destroy and heart human civilization!! Does US administrative authorities have any answers to that till today?

It has been on notion that situation between Soviet and Us has  deteriorated drastically hence resulted a dropping of A-bomb to JAPN just a hint of catch fire-that cold war has already been begun.

But my question to the world is for what sake for such inhumanity? There are various diplomatic ways of solving the problems and any biliteral issues. Chaos destruction, turmoil’s are never a solution for any complications.

A mindless psychotic attack on innocents which every world has condemned.

Are there any chances of 3rd World war to gain any sorts of momentum?

Things has moved out swiftly 1989 to 2020s but war escalation, de-escalation has never ended among different practised war-torn countries.

Recent deadly Galwan valley clashes between PLA of China and Border security forces of India slowly creates an unhealthy worlsd wide environment which is full of dissatisfactions.

Since world has different standpoint and opinions regarding current scary and panic situation between these two countries,so no one can easily evade-off possible chances of any fierce conflicts amongst 2 south Asias giant emerging superpowers.

But without mentioning any names there are some mindless physiochemical countries which are looking out for an opportunities to de-escalate the situation to a world war like kind off. Really a very sorry sight to think off I believe which can be avoided with adulthoods.

India though tried and tested from their own halves and geometrical angles trying to help and shape global order to evade world war like state of affairs. Respecting international law will unquestionably help to build a durable world. International law should be respected by each and every country and that’s the order of the day.

100 plus innocent lives of man-folks’, its livelihoods has been lost or rather snatched and butchered during ugly Galwan clashes. India is fuming on to take revenge on its counterpart China, China though on the other hand creating a global fear mongering situation among its neighbouring countries to create an escalatory situation. South China sea is boiling too bad though with Chinese atrocities.

A bad savour full off odour tasteless “Chinees hard stone mixed Dal Makhani” which no Indian or rather entire world could be able to digest.

As per as I Quote:

“World War 3, also known as the Third World War, refers to the next possible worldwide military conflict. Iran and the US, plus Russia and India have experienced growing tensions. All the latest news, World War 3 predictions and whether World War 3 is coming in 2016 can be found below. The term world war is used to describe two previous major global conflicts in the 20th Century. If World War 3 starts who will be allies and will battle lines be drawn East and West.”

Link to explore:

I would like to cut short by concluding that its very tight and close guys, anything can happen. But human civilization could only pray for something phenomenal game changer which could retain and preserve world tranquillity and happiness..

As I promised I will come up or unlish with my political aalogy today ,so I believe I fulfilled that.

God bless everyone. Have a nice day out!!

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5 thoughts on “The Global threat of 3rd world war is blooming: Do not want to see any more human casualties, please for god sake, Antagonist nations please stop blind madness..

  1. The real tragedy was not 40 -80K killed by atomic bombs. It was the the 10s of millions killed in the War itself. There were an estimated 25 million civilian causalities in China, the Philippines and Dutch East Indies alone at the hands of the Japanese. And if Japan had not surrendered they would have fought on with another estimated million or more casualties.

    Germany and Japan would have used the weapons if they had developed them first so don’t blame the US please!

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