KUNTI a tragic character of Great Indian mega Epic Mahabharatha..[Part1 begins..]

Kunti Summons Lord Surya,a snap gathered from writers desk..

Dear Readers,

Mahabharatha the great Indian epic is one of the most precious gems of the Indian civilization.Every character of this epic is full of its majestic approach.Charcters are innumerable.But some characters automatically impress our heart and soul tremendously.

Kunti was on of them.Her entire life was an episode of struggle.She did never find any mental peace from both from her father and father inlaws side.In the midst of all antagonism,she glitters like a pearl by her extraordinary personality.

She was an adopted daughter of Kuatibhoj.Her orginal father Aryak Sur handed over her first child Pritha to his childless friend Kuntibhoj accordingly to their previous commitment.

Kunti was grown up with a dignity of princes in the house of Kuntibhoj.She was amiable by nature.She was loveable and intelligent.

One day a great sage Durbasa,came in the palace of king Kuntibhoj.He expressed his wish to live in the palace as a guest for a few days.Kuntibhoj knew Durbasa well.Durbasa was known to all for his wrethful and obstinate character.He never tollarated any disloyality.Disrespect of any order of his was a punishable offence. His punishment towards the offender was very hard.

Kuntibhoj was confused to meet Durbasa’s proposal,but ultimately agreed solemnly.He thought over the matter seriously,how to satisfy the sage during his stay in the palace.After a thorough observation,Kuntibhoj decided to depute Kunti for the service of the sage.He also alerted her about his nature.

Kunti agreed an engaged herself for the service of Durbasa.Kunti’s devotion to duty was unquestionable.The great sage was exalted by the subleme nature of Kunti. Especially her dedication towards service moved him so much that he wanted to offer her a unique boon. But she refused benignly.Then the sage compelled her to give mystical formula (mantra).The beauty of this formula was that one can summon a heavenly God who will be subdued to the caller and remain bound to abide by with his or her order.

Durbasa and Kunti conversation…

Durbasa, one fine morning, left the palace keeping somany questions in the mind of Kunti.She became eager to examine the mantra.Her blooming age disturbed mantaly to meet a person. One day, a day dawn, she asaw a heavenly man in the Sun.

This holly body was adorned with golden ring in ear and golden shield in his chest.Amazed to see it.Desire to call him.The sun ,in the shape of human being came down to earth.Kunti stunned.Realize the result of impudence. The Sun could guess her confused mind through his inner vision. To make her easy, the Sun said that her deserving desire will be fulfilled by him. They met.

The great unsung worrior of History,Karna was born..

A holly child (Karna) was born wearing golden ring in the ear and shield in the chest. She was shaked for a moment for her mistake. Her virginity became spoiled. She searched ba shelter in a secret place to save her virgin son. She decided to float him in the river with utmost care in a box so that his life may be saved by somebody.

Let us THINK : By Dr.King (Author of books on Yoga,Spirituality ...
Karna was floating into river by Kunti….

To be continued on next Tuesday...

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