Phimosis a strange urinary med- trouble, can be overcome with an early detection and surgery (A Thursday starter, first poem…)

Med science proved Phimosis can be treated,from writers desk alert…

When I was child, I had a problem with urine passing frequency.

My Parents told me don’t worry kid, we will do a doctor consultancy.

They took me to doctor by keeping my mind happy,

Post examining, doctor told my parents, don’t keep him always in nappy.

They listen to carefully other required advice what doctor has given,

As slowly of growing age I overcome the problem, rather not be shrunken.

Phimosis is a disease common to any male child habit,

But with an early detection and treatment we can stop, by letting it not to exhibit.

The symptoms are tight foreskin can’t be pulled back over the head of pennies,

But with proper diagnosis and precautions we can get rid of any uncomfortabilities.

Tight foreskin is normal common to any uncircumcised child,

But with a minor surgery, tight foreskin can be removed really mild.

Treatment might include a steroid cream or removal of the foreskin,

But,with our improved med science things could be done with ease,

Without climbing much high mountain.

Common indications of Phimosis are though Paraphimosis, Infection,

So please keep in mind only treatment for this is Circumcision.

Also, to our readers information, Phimosis is divided into physiologic and pathologic,

By exploring SEO, we can gather more substantial info which is related to urologic.

If there is any early detection related to painful urination,

The patient should visit to urologist for an immediate examination.

Believe me friends over 90% cases can be resolved by the age of seven,

Rather not to make it too late so that situation should be later testing and proven.

So ,please mark my words all dear lovely friends,

Since I have come out overcoming and concur the disease successfully.

So much to my belief that anyone is suffering from such,

With a proper nursing and medications, sickness can be treated fruitfully.  

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