Mother Teresa a real source of stimulation, that lifts and motivates generations after generations, some of her inspirational quotes in words(A Friday Poem)Breezy Conclusion to rolacoster weekdays..

Dear Mother Teresa,on a crazy,breezy Friday,trendystories salutes you,and hails,from writers desk…

My dear Mother Teresa!! Salute to you as you were a real social commando,

Society always loves you and bows 24/7, as you were never a communal desperado.

26th August 1910, you were born in Skopje, North Macedonia,

Much to the rejoice of world tranquility and extatic Euphoria,

As,you born to nurse,cure mankind’s life from cruel diseases like pneumonia, dysphonia.

When, you died in 5th September 1997, in Kolkata, India,

With much to mourn for human civilization,and to take a leaf out from your encyclopedia.

The selfless dedication and work which you have done for the globe,

Will inspire generations after generations and stops not to act like xenophobe.

You tagged with various nationality such as Indian, Ottoman, Yugoslavian,

But your contribution towards the public was always like a true humanitarian.

Awards like Bharat Ratna, Nobel Peace Prize, Order of the Smile, more are in your kitty.

But I believe its too less to honour and respect, your humanity and dignity.

You told our society, that peace begins with a smile.

People still reminds your word when they are extremely volatile.

Mother’s message to us was

There are no great things, only small things with great love.

And, those precious words of yours still inspires everyone to fall in an alluring curve.

Spread love whereever you go,

Because fondness can vanquish any mindless ego.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

As that is the only thing which makes us a great social frontier.

That kind words can be short and easy to speak.

As that will never make anyone felt awkward or heartbreak.

Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is yet to come.

So,you have only time till today, so let’s make it really awesome.

If world have no peace today,because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

So, only way to establish peace and repose is, if we can really jell and work all together.

There are so many other quotes,that dear mother you have said,

But one last quote, that I must share with readers without much afraid.

We do not need guns and bombs to bring harmony,

Only,we need to spread love messages to each and every corner of the colony .

So, if all antagonist and war mongering nations if you are listening,

Then, please keep your hands free from any unnecessary muscle flexing.

Dear, Mother Teresa today you are not there with us as a pathfinder.

But each and every words of yours inspires ,and provokes us not to be a social offender.


Dear Readers,

Thats the end of superduper,breezy and crazy Friday.Our day starts with a poem called (Never Underestimate) and ends with an inspirational poem on Mother Taresa that will always spooks generation.

Hope you like the Friday poetry.In case you are really happy with both the poems please blink on astersik mark(*) to indicate the interest towards it, along with your valuable feedback and inputs..

If there are any improvements required please pour on your inputs and suggestions in feedback box.We would take it positively and work on building things.

Hope to see you on coming weekeneds with more substantial fusional contents..

Until then goodbye!! to all my lovely and beautiful friends across the world..

Weekend fever with “Musical Saturday Blogs” will begin shortly in next 12 hours or so..

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Great Friday like fellings,from writers desk,time to say bye bye..enjoy companions!!

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

One thought on “Mother Teresa a real source of stimulation, that lifts and motivates generations after generations, some of her inspirational quotes in words(A Friday Poem)Breezy Conclusion to rolacoster weekdays..

  1. Thanks Jan Paul, susiesopinions,eu Bee Halton,Muskan,philosophy through photography,The irrational ecconomist,Zaujat,Vikas Karmani,DR Bogdan,Ritika,shadawss shadawss,capablechloe1,ChallEngr, for liking the poem,there are missing quotes which I didnt add on to this,apologies,lets hope to pour on more comments and inputs on this.. good day..


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