Do we know Kittur Rani Chennamma was one of the famous freedom Fighter,who faught bravely against British East India Company in year 1824..a pushback to Ancinet India, Asian History..

A doddle, eye potrait ,sketch of Rani Chinnama,from writers column..

Kittur Rani Chennamma was born in 21st October 1778 was a rani of the Nayakas of of kingdom of Kittur ruled Mallarudra sarja,who were holders of the land of Maharaja of Mysore,Karnatka India.

For what Chinnama is famously known for?

Kittur Rani Chinamma and his struggle and fight against the Britishes..

She is a famously remembered freedom fighter who led an armed force against the British East India Company  in 1824 in great defiance of the “doctrine of lapse“(an invasion policy applied by British East Company till 1859) to retain control over her territory, but was defeated in the third war finally and died in a prison.

She was one of the first female freedom fighters to resist against British colonisation dectatorial policy. She was national a hero !!well known in Karnataka aswell a symbol of the independence movement in India.

Early fallback and lookback to her life:

She belonged to the Lingayat community and received trainings on horse riding, sword fighting and archery at a very young age.She married Raja Mallasarja of the Desai family at the age of 14.

Fight to retrieve supremacy of Kittur from the British dynasty:

Last throw in the dice to fight for legacy and motherland,from writers column…

Chennammaโ€™s husband died in 1824, leaving her with a son and a state full of volatility and suspetibility. This was followed by her sonโ€™s death in same year @1824. Rani Chennamma was left with the state of Kittur and an uphill task to save it from the British.Following the death of her husband and son, Rani Chennamma adopted Shivalingappa in the year 1824 and made him the successor to the throne.

Statue at Parliament House complex, New Delhi,India:

Statue unreveiled by Former Indian PM Prathbha Patil..

On 11 September 2007 a statue of Rani Chennamma was unveiled at the Indian Parliament Complex by former President of India Smti Pratibha Patil , the first woman President who had ever elected in democratic republic of India.

Burial Place:

Rani Chinnamas Buriel place in a pathetic condition..from writers desk..

Rani Chennamma’s grave or burial place is in Bailhongal taluk, Karnatka,and its surrounding park area is currently in a very poor state due to improper maintenance and negligency by Government agencies.

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