Increasing and established day by day as a fatel fortune(Auto Recovered),Death of an E-Commerce service delivery boy,Tuesday Intro with a tragic Infamous road accident, Dear Readers, a grim start..

A tragic bike accident in heart of the city,Bangalore,from wiriters desk we deeply mourned….

Busy Wheels are Pierced to a Sudden Call…. An Infamous Road Accident in Bangalore,India ……

To start with few liners dedicated to a social ever cheerful commando,who died unfortunately at a very teenage..

Increasing and winning day by day as a fatal fortune,

Surprised by the direction of a sudden push to a hole.

Bleeding, shouting severely because of a deep and broken wound,

But not finding any helping hand except some surprised gathering sound.

A formality just has to done though over a phone, only to flaunt!

Reality struggles to engage with, as the badges will do their own.

Only sirens are dominating now near the poor lying on the road,

A few hours back one life was fighting and looking for a genuine outlook.

Dinesh, Suresh or may be any other guy, who cares about the soul?

Lectures and calculations will gain their votes as a trick to achieving more.

Cannot imagine that feelings of bruise cursed to the victim of a fact,

But now a complete shutter to the dark as the body is surrendered to an infamous road accident.

A few lines to complete to that deceased, who was very young and dedicated to his work. Always reserved his sweet presence to the door to door service and even not hesitated to challenge his life during this difficult pandemic situation. Never so well recognised by a name to his customers but did not bother about all this either.

 A Big Basket E-Commerce grocessary delivery boy on his way of duty, met a terrible road accident in the wee hours of last week Friday and cruelly extracted from a life. His body was struggling on the road for several hours and the blood strains were everywhere. Though several crowds gathered for that moment but only to enjoy a viral scene. Proper aids were as usual in their late run and the poor had to accept the death as a result. My condolences to his family. I came to know about this from a video captured shamefully during this accident, neglecting the real demands on the spot and assigned another instance to the term irresponsibility.

 My humble request to the companies to whom these delivery agents are working, kindly take essential steps regarding the safety measurements to your employees to safeguard their lives.

Road accidents are very common now a days. The daily essentials are making our busy life running like a wheel against time. But sometimes so helplessly that it takes away all the happiness in the disguise of a shocking incident. I specially want to contribute my regards not only for the victims but also for all those, who are risking their lives regularly to make our services available at the door steps to save us.

 Also making an appeal to all my readers to stay safe and healthy where ever they are as life is a precious treasure and not the invitation of an episode of a second.

                                            “Prevention is better than cure

Request E-Coomerce companies to keep extra care to their delivery boys..

Dear Friends,Tuesday Intro start from writers Desk…

Time is bang on 14:00 PM IST and trendystories would like to begin this Tuesday with a tragic road incident recently happeend in Busy road of Bangalore Karnataka..

Mood is very delpleted due to number of increase in road acidents in the city,which is a worrying sign.

Mishaps,apathys are pretty common in IT capital of India,Bangalore,but the above incident was blown really shock wave through my vein,as many times I watched the viral video. My eyes are in shed tears,which increses its significance even much more,and make me compelled to bring it to our readers notice.

Please read the above substance and give your valuable feedback in commet box,along with raising your voice in favour to stop unnecessory road accidents by selecting asterisk mark(*) ,so that message should go to civic administration very loud and clear,that enough is enough now,no more loose of innocent bloods .

We are looking forward to viewers opinion and feedback sincerly on the above content..

Trendystories request all our beloved readers to stay with us whole day for the other substance which is related to epic,which will be published shortly.

Good day in offiee friends!!

From writers desk its a sad Intro…

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