Kunti a tragic character,from mega Indian Epic called Mahabharata[Part 2],Tuesday closure in a an epic mode which has started though in a grim mood…

Kunti was mentally disturbed and devoted in religious activities..

Kunti was mentally disturbed in many ways.She had no peace because of her sinful vergin life.To avoid this act of mistake she devoted herself in religious activities.It made her fresh both body and mind.Her youthful glamour appear so nicely before the public that the kings of different countries expressed their likings to marry her.The Kunthibhoj arranged ‘swaymber ‘ for her.On the day of oaccasion, Pandu, the prince of Bharat Dynesty was present among all other princes. Kunti with her sharp obsevation decided to offer her wedding garland to Pandu.

Pandu and Madri marriage..

After a few days later, Bishma (the Pitamaha) arranged another marriage ceremony of Pandu with Madri. Bishma, knew the curse of Rishi Kumar to Pandu. Pandu was unable to produce child. Because Pandu killed Rishi Kumar (who was in guise of a male dear) when he was engaged in conjugal relation with a female dear tehe rishi kumar at the time of his death uttered with a curse that the same thing will be happened in the life of Pandu also.This curse was always in his mind. As such, out of fear of the curse, Pandu kept himself away , from the touch of his wives.He insisted kunti to fulfill his desire of getting child through an appointment system.It was prevailed in the age of Mahabharata to take the help of different person other than husband for a child.Kunti did not want this unholy affairs again. But her all arguments were null and void before Pandu’s cordinal submission. She responded his request . As such, by her power of spiritual incantation summonrd ‘Dharma‘. He came and gave her a child. Yudhistir was born. Accordingly to the wish of Pandu , she summoned the god of wind, Bhimsen was born.Being seen her magical power , Pandu was exalted with boundless joy.He, once again requested her to give one more son who will be powerful, energetic like king of God Indra. She summoned him and their secret meeting, Arjun, the most accomplished man of the epic was born. He had an ability to win all types of obstracles with his strong determination.

Kunti was extatic after the birth of Arjuna..

Kunti, due to her strong personality , escaped herself from bearing more sons. With a sharp argument, she became able to convince Pandu to deviate his innordinate ambition of getting more sons.

To be continued on next Tuesday

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