Acute recurring back pain: How to get rid off from such crooky discomforts,be a patient of this I am trying to overcome the obstacles by exercise,rather avoiding complicated stress factors..(Wednesday Closure)

Different stages resulted to last stage formation of Osteophyte..

As an osteoarthritis or rather osteopythes patient I would like to bring an accident which has happened with few months back and how I am trying to recover slowly from the desease..

Symptoms are there from long time. I thought things will be settled down slowly. But as the time goes on day by day problem started to persuade even more.

Truck load of pressure for work, ignored health situation and supported the firm to finish the work on tight deadlines. But I unknowingly ignored that circumstances that might got deteriorated later.

In between I tried practised homely remedy and therapy to get some relief but only to worsen. I tried even Hot water therapy as advised which has given me sorts of relief for a period, but bodily comfort was always missing.

My friends says, yoga is the only remedy to overcome the obstacles, so I started yoga everyday morning and evening sharp at 6to keep myself fit and fine.

Things are slowly started to fall in place until a sorry mishap happened with me last week.

My little son who needs to complete his bath within 11.30 AM, as suggested by docs, so I went to fetch a bucket of water for him  from the bathroom and accidentally slipped and fall on the floor which was bit greasy, got unconscious one day, when my eyes got opened I found myself in a hospital bed where group of doctors are treating me.

I went through MRI scan LUMBER SPINE and report confirms osteophytes near Vertebral Bodies with minor disc degeneration so clinical correlation was recommended.

MRI assessment report..

After a long week of investigation on 7th day I got discharged form hospital and feeling bit better now.Doc’s told I will be fine but it will take time for bones to get into formation and get strength.Till today I faced though miled symptoms ocassionally when Ieaned back to lift something,may be not that much though as expected.

Doctor also told me that pain will persist ocassionally but on the contrary there will never be a complete recovery from the desease and I have to dealt with crooky back ocassionally.

I am going with my life with ups and downs along with such health issues.Sometimes if pain increases more I need to wear a surgical belt to keep pain and discomforts under control.So situation is always tricky and with a bit of panic to add on.

There are no medicines for such health issues,may be a pain killer will give temporary remedy,but I believe only way to keep myself fit and flexible is to do yoga both morning and evening and possibly and hopefully to stay away from anxieties and worries.Offcourse stress is another critical factor which will slowdown recovery of LUMBER SPINE osteophytes.

Below are the few exercises captured in snaps which has been recomended by doctor for spinal ortho:

Spinal Ortho exercise recomended by physician..

Dear Readers,Wednesday midway conclosure:-

Time is 19:12 PM and with this medical health update I would like to put curtains down for Wednesdays work out.I will be thankful to viewers and readers if they can add on some health exercise benefits,tips for “LUMBER SPINE” back issues.

We have begun the day with a poem quoted messages from Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and ending the day with health issues and update.

Suggesstion and feedback box is always open for our all the readers and viewers across the world.Any inputs or improvement ,or choice of your likings will be solemnly and solicitedly welcomed.

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Until then good bye friends!! Hope to see everyone on tomorrow,Thursday with new fusional contents and substances.

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22 thoughts on “Acute recurring back pain: How to get rid off from such crooky discomforts,be a patient of this I am trying to overcome the obstacles by exercise,rather avoiding complicated stress factors..(Wednesday Closure)

  1. Hi there, I’ve been suffering terrible back pains lately too, and I have come across this article of yours. Should I also go to the doctor to have this checked? I’m starting to worry… By the way, is that your xray results?

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