Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Father of Nation(Famously known as Bapu),Some of his Important quotes to begin with Wednesday Afternoon..(A poem more of a rhyming type…)

From writers desk a tribute to Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi…

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi one of the pioneer and responsible man for helping India to come out successfull with flying colours, freedom fight against British..

Trendystories would love to dedicate a poem on some of his motivating quotes today to begin with..

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian barrister, anti-colonial nationalist,

Born in, 2nd October 1869,in Porabondar,he was a fighter, and top educationalist.

30th June 1948,New Delhi India he was assasinated,

We are still in shocked why such bloodshed had been initiated.

He was a political ethicist,and lead India’s successfull freedom fight against British,

People respects him as his thinking and mindset was never brutish.

He in turn inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the globe,

Which was very important for society to come out of colonial xenophobe.

Here,we would love to talk about some of his inspiring and important quotes,

Which is very much needed for society to listen ,as it should surely work as antidotes.

Bapu’s message was” ,

If we could change ourselves then tendency of the world will also change ,

So if we abide by his words then we can get rid off conflicts which looks very strange.

A man is but a product of his thoughts and what he thinks he becomes.

And this is infact a correct analogy I believe,which any mankind undoubtly welcomes.

We should not let anyone to walk through us with their dirty feet,

Absoulute important to ahdhere this,as this will make our life smooth and sweet.

Nobody can heart us without our own permission ,

We have to distance us from backbiters who could stop our progression.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow,

So there is no point to spend your life in any repent or sorrow.

The future depends on what we did it today,

So it’s never too late,and keep ourselves focused everyday.

Keep faith on humanity as humanity is like ocean,

As every drop ocean makes a thousand shore which will never be shrinken.

Few dirty drops does not make the entire ocean dirty,

So, if we jelled together by thrashing contrast,we can vanquish adversity.

An Eye for an Eye only ends by making the whole world blind,

Society needs to act quickly before there is no solution to find.

Bapu’s words are very precious and important for society to get the right direction…

With those important meesages we would like to conclude the poem,

Our apologies, to all the readers if we missed any important,valuable item.


Dear Readers,Wednesday late afternoon Intro,

With this motivational positive quotes we would like to begin midway of the week.As its Wednesday and time is bang on 13:54 PM IST.

With trendystories always promises viewers across the globe that we will come up something unusual punches and substances which will keep readers always guessing and happy and we tried to fulfil hereby from our best.

We are @ mid afternoon and the day has just begun and we are yet to think and comeup with one more substance to conclude the day.

Thanks for supporting and motivating trendystories with your valuable feedbacks and inputs.

Good day friends!!

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From writers Desk,happy Wednesday to everyone….

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