Friday Closure with our so called Freedom ,right to fight?Speak up or think what we want guys..More of Rhyming type..(A poem)Break Free?Worrying angle of society…

Few liners on so called freedom to close the day with……. Freedom is our democratic right,and birth to fight?

Chastity is dashed to the ground in the name of freedom

Do we really need freedom?from writers desk happy weekend, conclusion..

Freedom ,Freedom hue and cry,

Who are the crooks,igniting fuel to fry.

Not to feel hasitant and shy,

As everyone has right to give it a try.

So called alied groups are trying to vitiated the spirit of the word of freedom,

But only in vain to mislead masses in their favour to get fake success and stardom.

Kashmir got freedom, abrogated from article three-seventy,

But,fails to honour and respect its unity,due to lack of maturity.

Family tensions is on a high,as wife or girlfriend who is the priority ?

Generation says freedom gives right to think,where you get more dignity.

Society welcomes and says,love to see religious brotherhood ,

But we the intellactual says its nothing but showoff,fake jollywood.

Servant seeks help says,give me freedom from long stretched work,

Head of the house got panic,says let me connect to madum,but no network.

To avoid our parent’s advice and leading a reckless life, is that the freedom?

Then guys we are screwing our parent’s happiness and peace surely,but in seldom.

The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right,

So,whats the need to shout and scream like foolish day and night.

Freedom can be limited by laws to protect public safety.

So,we should use our freedom of voicing properly without any anxiety.

Today,freedom is raised in every sphere and corner of our life,

But we must fight and ensure to save it without showing strife.

I would like to conclude the poem by telling our readers one thing,

Fight for freedom should be used in right manner,which will make us social king.

Dear Readers,Friday Happy Weekend:

With this poem I would like to calloff our Friday closure.Thanks Ritika again nominating trendystories for “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD”.Its really a great motivation and inspiration to get things forward and moving hence forth.

Thanks to all the friends aswell who follows trendystories closely and supporting us through out the 1 month tenure and keep on chirping.Hope to have a beautiful,allurious journey together in near future as well.

Tomorrow is weekend Saturday and our “MUSICAL BLOG” journey will continue as usual.

If our readers or viewers would like to send us any musical video or audio then always welcome.Do share your blogs link with us.We will try to keep posted and connected on upcoming weekends.

Until then goodbye!!

Happy reading friends…

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Nice and happy weekened,from writers desk..

Published by bhattraps,beauty of fusions

Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

2 thoughts on “Friday Closure with our so called Freedom ,right to fight?Speak up or think what we want guys..More of Rhyming type..(A poem)Break Free?Worrying angle of society…

  1. Kashmir got freedom. Kya pata kaisi freedom hai. Ke jaanen ja rahi hain. I am not taking sides either of India or Pakistan. I am speaking simply in favor of the lives lost. I am speaking only for humanity, be it in any country or religion. Har insaan ki jaan bohot zyaada qeemti hai.
    May God give freedom to all those countries struggling to live a normal life like you and I do.
    Wishing for freedom of every individual to live in peace.
    Let us all follow the motto Live and Let Live. Jiyo aur jeene do.

    Liked by 1 person

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