Life is not what we see through our beautiful eyes,rewriting the post once again,very disturbing and tragic incident ,infact such bad experiences,stories always bothers us a lot ..[Weekend Closure]

Dear Readers,

In today’s world if someone produces a crystal clear smile, uttered a hilarious joke or even greets us with a beautiful gesture from bottom of the heart then it is quite evident to conclude that the person is in a very happy state of mind as the body language indicates the gesture towards the same, but in reality it may not be the same what we have seen through, there is something extraordinary surprising underneath the dark cover which somebody cannot even think or never dreamt off in his or her imagination. There is a tough uphill journey which summarizes in a nutshell the entire experience or exercises of human beings, enclosed from childhood tilted till age old. Some of us are very lucky to have a silver spoon blessed life but there are as many as deceased, cursed ,cascaded crusaders who are not that much blessed or fortunate to have a silver lining, mojo lifestyles. No, I am not talking about a particular sections who are poor or neglected rather I am talking about those who are rich but lonely, living with their closest dear ones but dumped,in search of much eluded loves but unlucky in achieving.

Dear readers I would like to take-up few incidents through this article which has disturbed me a lot recently:


I hope no mothers had such sorrowfull story like Leelavati,from writers desk hope she is alright..

Few days back while watching a video on an YouTube I acknowledged a shocking incident. A 70-year-old widow called Leelavati was sitting lonely on the platform of Mumbai railway station with bruises in her entire body. The time, when I am writing this it is the month of June 2020.This year is remembered as the worst year because of the deadly pandemic virus Corona which has stamped its authority over everyone with its cruel feet and the government has declared lock down in entire country to protect and safeguarding lives of citizens. Though there is a certain amount of relaxations and open up in non-containment zones but red zones still remains under strict vigil and monitor. Maharashtra has become the epicentre of this virus and worstly hit by the epidemic. But still government has organised some special trains for the migrant workers who wanted to go back to their home.

Now coming back to the topic regarding old lady Leelavati who was waiting for a train to Delhi with a very scared and upset mind. One reporter saw her and out of the curiosity reached nearby to her, while talking the reporter came to know that before the lockdown the lady came to visit Mumbai to look after her eldest son who was unwell. Now she is returning back to her another son who resides in Delhi.As the duos discussion grows longer the old lady has made some more shocking revelations which will give goose bumps to anyone, she told that she was tortured, beaten up ,completely manhandled and asked by her son to leave their house, because she refused to do household activities in their paid servants absence. With no food and money in Leelavatis hand as she haplessly roaming here and there with hunger and starvation finally reached to railway station to get some sorts of shelter.

After listening to miserable story, the reporter tried to console her, but she had broken down in sorrow and grief and started crying.

The journalist understood her apathy, immediately contacted a caring family who runs an old age home (NGO type) in Delhi, arranged tickets for her in an AC coach and somehow convinced the poor lady to get into a Delhi bound train where in today’s date as per the latest update, the kind family has adopted Leelavati as their family member. I hope she is in safe hands now and away from all sorts of sufferings and troubles. My prayer is with her. But my question is that what has made this old woman suffering a lot that she even agreed to spend her life on the platform but afraid of going back to her sons!

Readers might ask me that why I am raising this question? and in reply I would say sincerely that since now a days when we are talking about the modern progressive India, women self-empowerment, old age safeties then is this the way to behave with our senior pros? Readers and book worms my eyes are in shed tears while I am posting this article.  

Yes, trendystories strongly condemned such bizarre incidents and believe some segments of younger generation should learn how to respect elders, and needed to have sufficient control over their arrogent attitudes when it comes to deal with older and much matured section of the society who needs love, affection, support from their adorable ones.

I believe very strict low needs to be enforced for any sorts of domestic violence’s and assaults otherwise it will be too late to shield such soft victims.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kerala-elephant-final-1591274173.jpg
Right to reserve animal rights acts,time to take action agaisnt prepetrators..

I am going to speak about the 15 year old pregnant Vinayaki the elephant which was killed by some illiterate villagers by letting her eat coconut filled with firecrackers which exploded in her mouth as they thought ill-fated wildlife is harmful to them. In India we worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanumana, pay thousands, lakhs, crores in their prayers and homages but on the contrary we can kill a pregnant animal in such ferocity, barbarism without even bother to think about its pain, such notoriety has placed the entire world in total shame and brought down on its knees. So, again it is proven truth that we are living in a cruel inhuman society which has put our younger generations in great danger. Sadly, our country is in the hands of such screwy mad uneducated classes, who are leading by wrong examples to destroy young minds and generations. Those defunct, psychogenic unstable should be treated immediately or needed to be put in mental hospitals. Parents should be very careful in parenting and also try to give some moral lessons to their children along with studies, apart from school because home itself is the best institution for them to learn that how to respect and care the nature and its creations. Together with an honest intention we can make huge significant differences so the whole upcoming human dynasty should be proud of us as we say charity begins at home.

Else time is not that far when we could see the curtain downs for human genealogy or regime ,just like how dinosaurs had disappeared from the universe.


Dear Friends across the glove,Sunday closure in mixed mood emotions:

My intention for reblogging this post is to spread maximum awareness across our society,colony so that any mishaps or torture should be provoked with strong hand.

It’s not the first time such incident has happened in our society,if you hover around and have a close look we can see such incidents are happenign everyday in front of our eyes due to social negligence and ignorance.

Time is on our side and we have to comeup with something strong defiance to save and protect weaker section of the people before its too late.

So lets raise our vocie together.

Please click on astersik(*) mark to raise maximum support in favour to stop such violence and barbarism.Please pour in with your valuable feedbacks and inputs aswell.

Until then good night everyone!!Hope to see everyone tomorrow on Monday.

Thanks for your maximum support towards trendystories.Together we prosper, we grow.

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