Visulizing of surprising world as a creation of universal phenomenon,Sunday Weekend Evening Poetry to begin with…

Mother child bonding and relation is very unique and truely blended with lots of emotions and charateristics..


An eye witnesses, the living world as a creation of universal

Never thought would complement my image for a life in physical.

 A pleasure to guide a treasure, speechless and exceptional,

 Happy with the conception to a new view towards the journey of parental.

 Thus, forever a mother to a breathing heart to connect with visuals,

 Tears first witnessed both our eyes to define the term unconventional.

Joined to your views with growing times which are completely adorable,

 Surprised by the innocent flow as a silent support during my struggle.

Though caught an untold effort to decorate a thought at a quick glance of silence,

Read the emotions of blinking motions to solve the desires of adolescence.

 Any valuable sight never wastes a height, should be preserved to justify the equal,

A genuine guideline is taught to you as a gift to become inspirational.

Age sometimes rules the goal to a pride which is glittery shaded,

But never afraid to visualise your state to judge a winner and defeated.

Try to link the ideas from heart to co-operate the brain to a committed,

 The eyes will glorify thousand’s views and become happy and contented.

Life is too small to express my dear and time suddenly ends as a portrayal

But wish to a born in every second through your expressions as substantial.

Always learn the prospective through eyes and gain them as beneficial

 Because eyes of an individual define a mother to honour a belief as immortal.


Dear Readers,

Time is bang on 16:12 IST ,trendystories welcomes everyone to a sunny glorious super motivational Sunday evening from writers desk.Its the end of Weeekend and we have started the day with a poem, dedicated to all the lovely mother’s across the world.

Mother Children relationship is quite unique and substantial and it matters a lot as we grow older ,exposed and visualised to real world.Real fight beigns to sustain everyday in day to day life.Mother is an essential strong and centrifugal force which always works as a strong stimuli towards our success.

As trendystories always says that “Motherhood is above all” and rest all are temporary.Respect is in the air as much as we bowed to her, her blessings will help us to aliviate or overcome any obstacle with cruse control with a touch of kindness to add on.

Such a gifted magic hands works all the time with compassion and love.

Good day everyone!!Happy Sunday!!

Note: If you love the poetry then request to hit asterisk(*) mark along with your valuable feedback and inputs which matters a lot.Together we grow and prosper.

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The substance search for unique content ends here with trendystories

Welcome everyone to Sunday Poetry section from writers Desk…

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Respect motherhood ,secondly parenthood before its too late too realize.Life is not what we dreamt or chased off but what we achieved,my life my music,poem,artifacts,so groove into it.Dont likes ,no regrets but writing should go on,happy to live in own stardom,as my pen #my sword #power to change the world #blessings of holy mother is everywhere

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