Are we really jealous ,envious to each other?Today in our society such things has become a real issue and snached our happiness and mental peace.Let’s Deep down and analyze it a bit today on Monday Night and end on a mixed mode emotion…

Jealousy is our core giant enemy which will slowly kill us from inside…

Pitty centiments and jealousy which expands distances among tightly closed and bonded ones.If there is a will then we can.So,let’s kick out all the differences and start loving each other so that peace and tranquility sustains is the message from trendystories.Insecurity is the biggest enemy which intiates jealousy towards each other in todays fast growing world.

In todays world ,we find maximum human being masked face nature, dual standards who says something and acts something later victim has to repent off.Its nothing but some wrongdoer is waiting to rampage on soft targets.We believe that any hypocracy should be condemened or dealt in a strong manner.Need to get rid off any misunderstanding.

Its quite often has been seen that if we ask solution for a particlar issue and approach to 10 different people whom we think so called friends ,on the contrary we will land up with 10 different confused answers.Why our so called boon companions will not give us correct and proper answers? well answer is very clear guys,as survey says very less number of people in the world who loves others success and its because of enviness and insecurity.

Jealousy in one word :the state or feeling being of jealous.Our mental state of mind defines lots of chaterstics about overselves,so unless we change the negativity or attitude and the way how we looked towards others jealausy will always sustain,such a core killer which will definitely defeat us in front of honesty and compassions .

We will be nothing less then social criminals or rather bunch of vultchers who just selfisly tried to paste others success only in fake euphoria much to the joy for ourselves.

If any sufferer approaches psychologist in today’s world and ask for a help then answer will be choose your friend wisely and advice will be not to take too much of mental stress.Or else,Doc’s might advice some strong medicines or pills which will put us a sleep for a while.So message is for those who feels soft victim or target,to choose your friend wisely and carefully who can benefit and help you socially and mentally.As you are looking out for someone reliable and trustworthy.

Never a big fan of our Social media platform.I believe it is also responsible in a matter of extent, to provide a free platform to decorate an evil designed structure,a perfect foil for allied sections to criticize comment,to unsupport work of your good efforts in action against, just to demoralize and to check the mental psyche of yours.Zukerberg will be proud of we all the great intellectuals when we say “Man,We Hate Politics” Oh! really .More of an critics award,and disgusting nominees are all WC.Audacity is extremly high for those crooks,who loved to backstabbed the trusted companions for their fake success,pretneding or rather assuming that they can climb the ladder by shouldering on soft victims or targets.

From trendystories we won’t say there will not be any idelogical differences,yes it will be there.Five fingers of the hand will never be same.But if we use our differences as a strength and unity then it will not be much difficult for us to aliviate or kick out jealousy towards each other which halts progress for an indefinite time.

If we call each other friends then trendystories strongly believed that time for we the fake rationals to be sportive and talk to our closed bossom freind,share each other problems, rather keeping mouth shut or mum which in turn later proved to be hidden trouble and creates jelausy towards each other, a brodened social gaps that needed to be diminshed as quick as possible.

We should not forget that the boon whom we jealous most or hate,is ours biggest companion who is really a friend indeed..


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Good Night…

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