Kunti a mega tragic character from great Indian Epic Mahabharata[Part3 continues] on an epic Tuesday..

Madri insisting Pandu for a son,a rare pic collected on behalf of writers desk..

Madri , the second wife of Pandu was a very envoius lady. She insisted her husband for a son. She also said to him she couldn’t request kunti to give her ‘Mantra‘ for this.Out of her deep love to Madri, Pandu excepted her proposal.He went to Kunti and placed Madri’s desire. Kunti,a sea of kindness,gave mantra with a caution that she could summon any God only once at a time.Madri cleverly summoned Ashwini brothers (two). She gave birth of twin children.Kunti was befooled to see the cleverness of Madri, but remained silent.The twin was named as Nakul and Sahadev.

Kunti tried to love Pandu heartily. But she did not want to make her immoral like Madri.Her distinctive personality and forbearance ristrained her from taking a game of love in a lustful manner.Moreover , the weak personality of Pandu became a bar to surrender her womanhood. On the other hand, Madri by her lustful desire, attracted Pandu.They forgot the prophecy of the Rishi Kumar and engaged themselves to fulfill their fire of desire.The curse became true.Pandu died miserably keeping Madri alone in the deep forest.She began to bewailed loudly for her mistake.

Pandu died miserably as Rishi Kumar curse turned out to be true..

To be continued ….

Dear Readers,welcome to an Epic Tuesday Afternoon:

Time is bang on 16:30 PM IST and we have completed with the 3rd episode of “Kunti the tragic character from Mahabharata” the sequence will continue on next Tuesday as well.

Heartiest greet to all readers,bookworms and story lovers across the world,those old mythological epics always tought us lessons,nitgrities and give guidence on how to lead our social life.

The messages are very clear and its for us to follow the instructions so that we should go on with time and in accordance.

Pandus silly mistake cost him darely that he has to pay the price by sacrificing his life.Its a learning curve for all of us to get lesson out of todays episode,which I published much to the joy of our readers.

A tragic story from great Indian epic Mahabharata

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Have a great epic Tuesday evening,my dear all beloved friends !!

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From writers desk,happy epic Tuesday to all the friends across the globe….

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