Mob Lynching is becoming a huge issue in our society and has torn apart many a families ,strict legislations,rules needed to be enforced to dealt such concerns in a strong and effective manner..

Mob Lynching needed to stopped,from writers desk its time for our society to wake up and smell the coffee

Dear all trendystories followers,

If we deep down to our society and dig a bit we can find out mob lynching has gradually becoming a difficult social problem and turning life into nightmare for lower common middle class people.A social awareness which is needed to spread across the colony that enough is enough now,mob lynching need to be stopped with an immediate effect and perpetrators has to be put behind the bars along with all necessory strict measurements so as to shield any soft victims.

Friends, I would like to bring few incidents which can easily blown shockwave through anyones vein.Its in Rajasthans Mewat region India happened in the year 2018. Though I believe most of our readers might have come across the news through media and newepapers. But we would like to bring the incident in front of our readers again as such type of issues raises questions despires large looms towards our helpless corrupt management system ,believe me friends families of mob lynching victims stare at a black dark future and also continuing to fight and struggle for their relevant justice till today.

Historical Mewat region situated on Rajasthan-Haryana border is still the witness of such thrilling barberic incident of two illfated families .Asmeena wife of victim Akbar Khan and other one Khurshiden wife of victim Umar Mohammad.


When reporter confronted and asked questions to Asmeena Begum she was pailed but one cannot miss the fire and anger in her eyes which speaks thousand words.She told, she was seating outside the office of the magistrate and seeking justice which her family have deserved for.As per media sources,three accused have been arrested for killing behind Akbar. The unfortunate incident happened at Lalawandi village in Alwar district when he was transporting his two cows and their calves.He has been killed as a suspect cattle smuggler brutelly by anonimous masked man.Its been also bring to notice that Akbar body has been made seated in a police van to prove that he was alive when police made him sit in the van.Thats how our system is becoming weak day by day,some spineless bunch of cowards who is hoding responsible portfolios and continuing anarchy.


There is one more incident in Ghatmika of Bharatpur district, a village in the Rajasthan Mewat region. It is also the native place of 42-year-old Umar Mohammad, a dairy farmer who was shot dead few years back while transporting cows in a pickup with his two companions and his body was found on railway tracks near Govindgarh in Alwar district.His family who lives in a single-room attached house without doors, with two buffaloes and three goats. It is heart-breaking to hear when Umar’s wife, 36-year-old Khurshidan, says that their ninth child, Ibran Mohammad, was born on the same day when the body of his dead father reached home tragicly.Khurshidan was working as a daily wage labourer in the nearest field and used to earn Rs 300 per day.Selling milk from cows brings some additional income to the family.He was also a victim of cow summgling suspect,a horrific hate crime which has put his family into extreme darkness.

Though the incident had happened 2 years back on year 2018 and illstarrer families still seeking appropriate justice from authorities which is yet to prevail.Authorities might need to find alternate way to compensate victims in such a way so that their livelihood and livings continue properly with not much too add on to their difficulties instead overlooking the whole matter.

Dear Readers,

With the above social incident I would like to conclude Tuesday in a hope that mob lynching should be stopped or reduced so that our backward lower class poor sections should get relief and spend their life from no mercy situation.In future if we got opportunity we will bring such incidents in front of our viewers so that alertness and conciousness sustains among the public.

Sympathetic hands should be forwarded towards any mob lynching victims with a promise that we are always in support to fight for their justice as a social servant rather acting like dummy pups.

Good night ladies and gentleman!!

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trendystories says no to mob lynching..

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16 thoughts on “Mob Lynching is becoming a huge issue in our society and has torn apart many a families ,strict legislations,rules needed to be enforced to dealt such concerns in a strong and effective manner..

  1. sad and unfortunate. more than people, its the politicians who are to blame. when they constantly preach hatred, this is bound to happen.


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