‘Nepotism’ a biggest curse in our society today,which is really putting a black spot mark towards our impotent community ,raises millions of queries. Slowly but steadily,a vise like grip,is killing us from inside like a deadly virus.So question is to us can we still break free from bias dreadful partnerships and stood against Nepotism?

Nepotism equals corruption,need to be dealt with hard strong hands..from writers desk we are against any nepotism…

Dear Friends,in todays blog writing we would like to discuss about Nepotism something which is swallowing our society unknowingly and deservings individuals are hammered and becoming victims in front of such heinous crimes.Its now or never for us to stand against any nepotism before its too late too regret off.

In today’s day to day life the customary practice among those in power or influence who favoures relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs is very common.This unusual trends needed to be stopped before its too late.Trendystories raises questions against those who believe and wanted to taste success based on nepotism.Why such foul play and unfair practise?Any credit or success to be achieved based on his or her caliver and ability.

Nepotism has been felt and realized across various fields that includes business,politics, entertainment, sports, religion and other activities.Its a blanket like cover which has to be erased of as quick as possible from our so called social circles.Such bias trend has been critsized severly across society many a times but there are few sections still indulged into nepotism that opens up the black and dark image of our helpless corrupt society.

Work Place Nepotism:

Judge by performance and not by any sorts of favouritism

Nepotism at our work place can increase opportunity of a job with touch off partiality. Such malpractise can easily snach away the growth and career of meritted ones. It has been of to notion off late that attaining the job or being paid more than other similarly situated or same positioned posts can provided to some useless ones who can easily runied any administrative environment and structure.Especially in Government and management sctions such unfair practises has been commonly seen. In Private MNCs, firms Nepotism can hit us in terms of appraisals ,promotions,where we might come across the tweaky scenarios where an illdeserving candidate has been preferred in front of qualified one, by ignoring your hard smart works and dedications.During recession periods when lay offs are there some futile people still exists in the company not because of their work or skills but due to their flattery skills and oily temperaments .

Family Nepotism:

One is getting most love and affection,other one is get rejected

In our families, favouritism can be seen when one child prefers in front of others,especially a boy kid have been placed more in front of girl kid,though survey says in our society people still didn’t take things lightly or rather landed up in unhappy circumstances after the birth of a female child.We have come across such situations many a times.Today when we are taking of progressive developed world where girls are paddling fast forward in front of most of the work activities and acting as a social commandos,bringing more awards and rewards compare to male then why nepotism still exists is a big queue for our society and families to be answered? Of primitive mindset families needed to restrategize and change their ugly backdated thoughts ASAP.

Disturbing incident from Bollywood Film Industry:

A promising filmstar,died untimely,victim of nepotism,may his soul RIP

We would like to bring a recent incident from Bollywood Film industry.Though I believe most of our friends has come across the shocking news through newspapers and media channels. But we would like to bring it to the notice of our viewers again as such incident is nothing but a shameless example of nepotism.Recently Bollywood film industry has been rocked and rattled due to death of a promissing superstar named Sushant Singh Rajput.Question mark has been raised towards various big guns of bollywood behind Sushant’s suspecious and mysterious way of commiting sucide.Fingers has been raised towards specific individuals who are currently under scanner and going thru several investigations which has been conducted by cops.We don’t want to take anyones’ name in public forum.But we though believe if there is any conspiracy behind Sushant Rajputs death then culprits should be punished or behind the bars in no time.Correct justice should prevail.

Trendystories condemned “nepotism” across any format and believe favouritsm should be stopped @ any circumstances so that deserving people should get their worth it what they deserved for.

Dear Readers,welcome everyone to Wednesday night blogging :

With this above article we would again like to spread the awareness program that nepotism should be stopped and dealt with strict hands so that favouritism should not take anyones livelihood ,peace of mind,happiness.It is our responsibilty to be aware and alert so that if we can see any case of nepotism surrounding us we should be in a position to help the victims to come out of it or rather spread the message to honest civic authorities so that appropriate action could to be taken against such corrupt practised individuals.

Thankyou Friends,Good night!!

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He may be rude strict and unfair to many one of us,but we trendystories believe and agrres with what he said,good night friends..

Unusual substance search ends here with trendystories..

Happy reading guys..

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