‘Child Psychology’:A must needed topic, which has been taught during Montessori training program as it is considered to be a mendatory and essential part of sylabus for teacher’s training[Thursday closure with product based materials]

Mariya Montessori, a great child psychologist

“The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity.”___ Dr. Mariya Montessori

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In today’s montessori topic we will cover some of essential and important parts of Child psychology which we believe a very key factor that needed to be discussed bit into deepth as it helps us to understand the mind of a child thru play,and action to be intiated as accordingly, rather by following the Montessori guidelines and instructions.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is nothing but to understand one another. It is also useful to understand the mental development of any human being.

Child Psychology:

Child psychology is a positive science which studies the behaviour of children in the context of his or her environment.The stage from birth tilted upto 2 years is called infancy period.Then babyhood upto 3 years , then stage upto 6 years is called early childhood period.At the age of 4 the brain gains 80% of development. Up to age 6 years is the crusial stage of brain develoment as infant’s brain is like an empty CPU. As parents we need to take more care of our infants during these time periods i.e. upto 6 years so that child can extract only valued things from outer and inner enviorment as we say ‘education begins from home‘.

Montessori believed that children at birth possess the psychic power and act as an ‘inner teacher’ that stimulates learning. The Montessori philosophy is built upon the idea that children developes and think differently compare to adults which will help us nurturing children in a correct way.From birthhood so many emotions and behaviours will develop for a child. Their likes , dislikes, behaviours etc are changing along with theirgrownup age.In that, some wishes are wanted and some unwanted. In this article we will brief about child psychological disorder known as jealousy.

How jealousy can seriously effect infants,toddlers mind

We need to understand the toodler mind’s what they exectly want

There is no exact definition of jealousy. But the main reason of such is extremely low esteemed and resulted due to unwanted desire. Jealousy is a very small word but its roleplay and importance is extremely vital in our day to day life.As a human being we can’t erase jealousy fully from our life but we can control it by sense of cool head ,maturity and benignness. Jealousy can consists of one or more emotions, such as anger,anxiety, defensiveness, insecurity, violence, hatred etc .Medically we can termed it as a pathological jealousy, also known as ‘morbid jealousy’, or commonly called as Othello syndrome or delusional jealousy.

There is a thin line which differentiates between jealousy and envy. Jealousy is when a child feel or having a belief that his or her parents loves or giving preference to conjugate siblings .

Enviness is what,when a child feels that his or her classmates can do better then him or her and that slowly resulted inferiority complex buildup,grieveneces towards their closed companions,boons.An illdeveloped composite and enviness makes them to feel that they are inferior or lagging in most of the things compare to their classmates or competitors.

We would also like to talk about ‘ jealousy and its role play in childs mind‘.If we could recognise that jealousy is taken place in infant’s mind then an early detection can give us the remedy to overcome such syndromes.

Few critical key factors which is really needed for all the parents to understand:

Firstly,Great communication skill establishment:

We need to speak a lot with kids so that we can understand that what is going thru their mind and nervous control system.Most importantly we need to give them space and chance to speakout regarding their day to day activity,time spent in schools,what they have learnt etc.so that they should not felt toung-tied.Its parents duty and responsibility to keep their toddlers mind setup always in encourging and enthusiastic mood.

Secondly, Understand what our kidos are trying to communicate rather interfearing:

Parents should not stop their kidos while they are speaking for any reason. Beacuse if we stop them or not give chance to complete then in future they might hide some substential information which you essentially missed out that will eventually broadened the presenting gap even more.

Thirdly, Identifying any overprotectiveness and dominating nature:

We need to check that whether our kids are possessive about anything or not. Its our responsibility and duty to understand what is making them possessive and bothring by understanding it’s nitigrities so as to help them to come out of any unstable mind setup.

Fourthly, Not Mingling with so called Peers or Cousins:

If any kids are ignoring any person and not willing to speak with them then we need to find out the root cause behind such unnutural behaviour and helping them to come out of such trauma.

Fifthly, Impolite Conduct:

If our child is behaving rudely or unncessarily making issues with us then instead of scolding them we should speak to them politely and need to find out that reason why they are behaving in such an obnoxious, strange manner.

Parents are more like friends to their toodlers, rather act like strict gurdians as always..

So all the above mentioned point will help us to understand that if our child is mentally disturbed or not. There might be 100 of reasons to identify that how and why jealousy can take place in infant’s mind.

It is not a bad expectation that parents are having towards their youngsters that they must shine like stars and their future should bright and fruitful enough. Due to the uncanny expectation setup and build most of the parents are started comparing their kids with their other co companions. We are unnecessarily giving our kids truck loads of burden. At a time kids should join music , dance, yoga, swimming classes in no time and considering the situations that now a days our education system is robustly built with lot of things to cope for our kidos in bare minimum time which by no means an easy task for little toddlers to adapt with. Examinations, project works, competition all are now a days a routine work in every school and our all parents wanted that their child stood first across all competitions without reading their minds and area of interest.

A tough ask to achieve because at any given point of time in a class or section only one tutee could stood first,if we think logically and practically.

To be continued on next Thursday….

Good night everyone!!

Happy Reading.

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