‘Stuntman’ the hidden hero’s, behind the scene,play actor,an unframed story,wounded but not broken till the end,an alluring smile behind the physical pain[Real praise of honour for such bravehearts]

They give us joy and thrill by tormenting their happiness,the real trust worthy champs behind the coloured screen ,so many dark stories behind the site,which we are not aware off,those backdoor unnamed hero’s who entertained and thrilled us with their performances by screwing and torturing their body…..

They thrills us, delight us, by putting their life @ risk,from writers desk great respect to such courageous individuals..

Very controlled to sport a game of a life in a stage

Confident, energetic and dedicated to a real face

A winner of bravery, not needed any tagged place,

The untold or a stuntman is an honour to the race.

Neither a fear nor a collection of hesitation in mind,

 A constant focus on records to sharp the mankind,

Not a struggle but a continuation if identify,

A character could be you and I.

 Hardly fire challenges to establish its right,

Strong wind fails to diverge a towering height,

Once a commitment, is always to fulfil a pride,

The champion dismisses a painless option to fight.

 Then why judgement avoids the wheels against its direction?

But need an efficient hand to control its identification,

Risking essentials, to earn crowds toward destination,

  Only for a success frame?

Without accepting the knowledge of concentration!

An efficiency skilled an opportunity and not a favour,

Should be free for a talented entertainer,

Encourage the circumstances to embrace a cornered,

As life always quotes the hero as a real stunner.

In the process of giving us joy they have to face merciless concequences sometimes,which might result to death..

Dear trendystories Followers and Readers ,

Penning down a few lines connecting to an idea of the true phases of life, which can be observed in the coloured frame, a daredevil act. A challenge or the race to win a game is very obvious but without any proper concentration is absolutely of no use. Crowds will gather both as a critic or a praise, but a performance should not be compromised. If during a stunt any diversion occurs then may be no second chance will be blessed again. Actually, a stunt celebrates a winner of every second in a platform, is a lesson, if take positively.  Though some stunts are very dangerous and should be performed only under special supervision, but the visuals of this entertainment are sometimes so courageous that can impact an unresolved mind. Not easy to describe the assigned life of a ‘stuntman‘ through stories or a poetic line but some texting is really needed to encourage their bravery and make them forward. Lots of kudos to our secret superstar.

So the message from trendystories is that our stuntman’s should get equal respect and facilities like,e.g. all insurance schemes and life protector shields which our superstars are getting while working in any form of industry.We believe irrespective of whatever stunts our so called show-off superstoppers are performing on the screen or off the screen to get the crowd going is highly needed to be considered and prized by increasing their finanical aids on a moral ground as ‘such business and job brings smile, bread and butter to their families.

Stunt is a skillfull art and everyone cannnot perform such daredavil tasks.Only a dedicated and devoted expertise can do such tasks with total acomplosihment.While jumping from high altitude by keeping their heart in mouth then in such circumstances considering how much they got paid for their performances compare to our so called famous celebraties icons is extremly negligilbe,painful and even sometimes beyond imagination.

But things had improved a lot over a period or so as now a days so many knowledgable people from social media,well known fraternities,administrative bodies are coming up with their helping hands by understanding the nitigrities and importance of such precious life so as to protect them from any uncanny mishaps by providing them well adequate support.

Our Stuntman’s are similar like ever smiling face of circus jokers and ring commanders,they give us pleasure and joy in a different manner to keep us away from anxiety and tensions by nailing their happiness and sometimes putting their lives @ high risk.

But,such staging thrills but kills as well,as we say no pain no gain…..


Note: If you loved trendystories analogy and story then please do click maximum asterisk(*) like mark along with your feedback, what you feel about how our stuntman should be dealt in our society by writing it in ‘comment box‘.

Any form or sorts of feedback is welcome and we are willing to take it positively and solemnly.

Happy Reading friends!!

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