Kunti a tragic character from mega Indian Epic Mahabharata [Part-4] continues on an epic special Tuesday…

Pandus unrestricted passion of love towards Madri cost him mercilessly

Kunti heard Madri’s loud cry of distress. She came and saw their disorderly situation. Kunti scolded Madri for her unrestricted passion of love. But, after a few moments she realised her duty. Kunti, as a first wife of Pandu expressed her wishes to burn herself to death on the funeral pyre of her husband. Madri did not admit it. Rather she sought salvation and giving  all the responsibilities of her two sons to Kunti. With this Madri sacrificed her life on the pyre of her husband, Pandu.

Kunti returned to Hastinapur with her five helpless sons

Kunti returned to the Hastinapur with five helpless sons. A few numbers of Rishis also came along with her to justify the sad demise of Pandu and to establish the identification of Pandu’s five sons. She knew without succession certificate her right of heirship will not be accepted in the court of Dhitarastra.Rishi’s place their statement in front of all dignitaries of royal house. Kunti was brought to the royal court by all female personalities of the Kuru family. Pandu was the ruler of Hastinapur but he left the kingdom giving the responsibility of the state to his elder brother Dritarastra. It was a great blunder of Pandu due to this, Kunti was treated like an ordinary woman in lieu of the stature of a queen in the royal mansion along with her five sons.

Kunti was speaking to Bidur regarding issues

Dhitarastra performed the funeral ceremony of Pandu in a very befitting manner. But Kunti and her son did not receive any kingly reverence. Their days were passing in a very dejected mood. Kunti got some support from Bidur, the younger brother of Pandu. None among others of the royal house showed sympathy and love to this distressed woman. The behaviour of Duryodhana and his brothers were so malign that they never tolerate their cousin.

Duryodhana tried killing Bhima by snake bytes and poisoning

Duryodhana tried to kill Bhima the second son of Pandu by eating poison. Bhima was saved miraculously. Kunti communicated the incident to Bidur. But reluctant to communicate Dhitarastra. She realised Dhitarastra was more blind to Duryadhana then his own original blindness. Though Bhim was vocal on Duryadhan’s most vile affairs. But Dhitarastra remained silent. He did not want to bring it to light.

To be continued on Next Tuesday……

Mahabharata a great Indian epic teaches us nitigrties Do’s and Dont’s

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