Montessori Guidelines and Instructions,continuation from where we had left @last Thursday[Product based materials and learning]

Our care of the child should be governed,not by the desire to make them learn things,

So let them grow and groom up by observing and learning from their surroundings.

Imagination does not make great until human beings, use it to create couragiously,

So,let our toddlers to explore their interests virtually,which will benefit them immensly.”

Maria Montessori one of the great child’s mind reader,Hats of to her..

Dear Readers,

With the above mentioned few inspiring quotes from “Maria Montessori” we would like to begin our Thursday proceedings regarding Montessori material product based learnings and some of its basic nitigrities.

As, we so called social personages day by day are getting more reserved,isolated,selfish and going thru familial transformational changes hence as a result impacts and its outcomes are that, we have to look and sort our problems of its own because 3rd person involvement has been completely erased off here,since most of families does not believe on “nucleous core” concept theory. Earlier when we are living in a joint family, our infants,youths are growing with their cousins, uncles, aunts, and hence they are well developed,groomed with their good sharing habits. But now we are living in nuclear family. So, all those sharing are slowly becoming extinct bit by bit or rather we can say almost completely gone out of window. Now a day’s children are growing alone in a competitive world environment both indoors and outdoors in a mixed hybrid atmosphere and need to adopt forecefully with messy cultures.

Sometimes,through newspaper we heard shocking ,painful type of news that, young children has been committed suicide before examination or after the result declaration. There are other circumstances also at an extent too, which compelled our young stars to commit such heinous crimes,reasons are domestic violence, murder etc.which happened in front of their eyes,usually unbearable for any young minds to bear with.If we think logically and practically such type of disgusting activities had a masive impact on toddlers brain and forced them to take an evil path. Maximum of these cases are buildup based on frustration that plays a negative role play in any childs mind . All these are directly or indirectly impact severly on child psychology,which is an extremly noticable factor for any gurdians to note down and follow a disciplinary track or systematic guidelines so as to keep a healthy family atomsphere and protect toodlers,youths livelihood from any wrong footed or uncanny disastrous.

There are few aristrocatic sections of our society who believed to provide their children luxurious and ambious habitat, create faiths to live on impoosible dare dreams from childhood itself. In that process,they do not allow them to realise how the practical life/ field experience could be. So,warning for those high ambitious parents that don’t keep your child to live in any false illusions or expectations.Let, them help,believe and gain confidence on those ‘dreams which in turn could be proved into reality‘.According to our kids desire we parents tried to do utmost to fulfil the same. So, infants find that what they want they will get very easily without any struggle and breaking much sweat.

So, trendystories strongly believe that both parents and teachers should help all such kids to overcome from such psychological disorder.Because “Charity begins at home itself without much throwing cautions to the wind“.

There is a conventional proberb in English which says that “Cut your cloth according to your size” that may be needed to oblize by, but may be in certain state off affairs.

What guidelines and instructions could be for toddlers ?

Very important for kids to understand do’s and dont’s,absolutely vital

Firstly, we need to teach our children to accept the word ‘No’. We need to give practical guidance and support to our kids so that they can judge between do’s and don’ts. We need to give disciplined life to them and need to teach to respect all, irrespective of gender ,castes and religious differences or centiments.

We should give play time to our toddler, it will boost up their brain.Physical ,mental also social development is very essential for any kido’s to survive in a highly competitive and demanding society. They must realise the importance of their life and others. And the most important thing is that we should not make them to feel alone or dishearted. Our kids should be enough free with us so that they can discuss everything with their parents.

Teacher’s role on helping children to come-out of any mental trauma:

Teacher’s are great mentors to understand child’s mental condition,and help them to come out of it…

Every week ,once school teachers should conduct a counselling session for children. Teacher should speak freely with kids and allow them to speak. Sometimes few kids are very introvert and shy by their nature. Usually those children are not open up very easily. Might be they are disturbed due to their family surroundings or other issues which can create disturbance aswell to them. Due to this they can often show abnormal behaviour like, not willing to give answer to the questions at classroom or not speaking with classmate etc. There may be so many peculiar strange reasons.Teacher should observe them very carefully and try to speak to them in a very friendly and polite manner. Usually children are very pure, emotional, and sentimental by the virtue of their nature and yes indeed its gods cutest creations.

So, trendystories suggestion and message to parents and teacher is that, both as a responsible unit cooperatively should give enough time to kids and mingle with them as friend,when in school onus is on teachers and @ home duty relies on parents . We should not discourage them for any matter. Every child is unique and special. So, we need to handle them very carefully and soft gentle manner.

Children are world’s most beautiful resource and preceous treasure , their present should be beautiful,future should be even brighter,as hope relies with them”

Montessori guidelines and materials to be continued on next Thursday as well..

Happy Reading Friends!!

Please give your valuable feedbacks and opinions on the article if you find it substantial and significant,also do request all to hit maximum asterisk(*) mark by rather choosing like,if you indeed agree with trendystories analogy and believe such measures to be taken for any child’s developement activity.

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  1. Great job 👋as a teacher myself I recognize the role we have to play here as I have written in a post about bullying.some of us really try, Things are really changing in the education and family life.

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  2. Einstein famously said that: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”Feb 13, 2015

    Virgin Group › entrepreneur › great…

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