‘Kunti’, the mega tragic character ,from the great Indian Epic Mahabharata,continues from where we had left on last Tuesday…

Clever Kunti alwyas knows how to handle tough situations brilliantly

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Kunti was tactful by her nature dealt the situation brilliantly. Her only aim was to establish her son right in the eyes of Kuru family as a prince. This made her silent to create any bad blood between two families. She was waiting for her son’s grownup.

However according to the wish of Bishma,the sons of  kaurava and Pandava’s were engaged themselves in the art of fencing under the able guidance of guru Dronacharya. The wheel of luck never stand still always. Kunti felt  an unbounded joy when she heard the success of Arjun in the art of archery. He was selected the best archer among all Druncharya’s diciples . But, life of the fellow lady was so distressed that her happiness did not last long. The presence of Karna in this happy moment disturb her deeply. Karna intentionally began to ridiculed Arjun’s valour. Kunti apprehended so Karna was always furious against Pandava’s any success.  It was because of his mystery of birth. Kunti failed to give the recognition of his birth out of fear of public criticism. She did never believe of Karna’s return in such a rudeness. Karna’s behaviour towards Arjuna was so destructive that kunti became stunned to see this. Her love for Karna appeared in question. In her subconscious mind Karna was always treated as an eldest son. But every step of her eldest son was against the Pandava’s son. He became a part and parcel of the Kaurava.

Karna challanges Arjuna for a dual fight

Karna challenged Arjun for duel fight. This was unbearable to Kunti. She tried to resist this untoward incident. But fail and become unconscious. Bidhur helped to regain her consciousness. Kripacharya tackled the unpleasant situation by asking Karna about his family identification. Karna became embarrassed. He had no proper answer for it. On the other hand, Duryodhana entered with a war of words with Bhima regarding Karna’s affairs. Ultimately everything was settled, and Karna was adorned with a price of Kaurava by Duryadhana. This was the only consolation to Kunti. Her expectation of prince hood for her son had been partially fulfilled.

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