Do we know why is Rabindranath Tagore family called ‘Pirali’? a petty,silly matter which can be avoided easily.[Waiting for contribution amount from all the good friends]

Rabindranath Tagore and his family was renamed as Pirali, here any why it is reasons are illustrated as below

If we go through the below matter friends, we will find an interesting incident.

In the 15th century Bengal there was a ruler in Chengutia pargana of Joshore (presently Bangladesh) name Md. Pir Ali. Kamdev and Jaydev the two brothers of a local Jaminder, Roy Choudhury family were intimate friends of Pir Ali. He appointed the two brothers as a Dewan (secretary) of his state.

Once, a day of Ramjan month, when Pir Ali was engaged in a hobnob(adda) with his friends, at that time, one of his gardeners, gave him a fresh lemon of his garden. Pirali took its smell joyously. Kamdev sitting beside him told him in a mood of joke that Pirali had broken his holy Roja by smelling the fragrant of the lemon. According to the Hindu custom half of the eating of one’s is completed through smell.

Pirali remained, silent of Kamdev’s playful joke. But at heart, he prepared himself to give a befitting reply of the joke. Accordingly, after a few months, he arranged a grand fist , where all most all dignitaries of his court and some well-known people were invited . The Brahmins of the locality were specially invited. Arrangement was made according to the custom, that was in force at that time. Separate arrangement for Hindu and Brahmins were there. The eating house of the Brahmins and other Hindus were very close to the kitchen room. Distribution of food was divided in a very cordial manner. Items were also prepared very nicely. In a word it was a palatable dish. But a smell of beaf preparing was coming from the kitchen. It was matter of disturbance for eating on the part of Brahmins and other Hindus. They tried to avoid the beaf preparing smell by covering nose with a piece of their cloth. Pirali was very close to the eating house of the Brahmins. He saw this and wanted to know the reason from the guests. Kamdev told him their difficulties that the smell of beaf or eating in the Hindu and Brahmin family is a forbidden item. Moreover, against the Hindu culture.

Pirali was waiting for this day to take the revenge against Kamdev joke ‘half of the eating of one’s is completed through smell’ .He then compelled to the Brahmins and other Hindu guests to eat beaf. Some of the guests manged to fly away, but a large number could not do so. They ate. Kamdev, Joydev along with other Hindus expelled from the society. They were converted to Muslim. They had been identified as Pirali from that day after the name of Mohammed Pirali.

Prince Dwaraka Nath Tagore in Inset


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