Remembering former President of India Shree Pranab Mukharjee by means of some of his influential quotes on the day of his death,a great personality whose mission and vision was to reshape the Indian constitution always,a poem[Please contribute to trendystories friends as monitization purpose]

Pranab Mukharjee,a pencil sketch attempt,Bhattrap creation in its own style

Today as a nation we have lost a great individual ,honourable and a respected personality,

The whole world,India will always remember him with utmost pride and respectibility.

Some of his Quotes are

We all are equal children before our mother, and India asks each one of us,

So, we should move forward fearlessly without thinking or rather be nervous.

Whatever role we play in complex drama of nation building, we should do with integrity,

We should take our responsibility and do the job sincerely rather trapped in any false nitty gritty.

Our job is to be Committed and unflinching loyalty to the values enshrined in our constitution,

This will definitely help us to build our nation and shaped accordingly with right direction and with more clear resolution.

As people we must of course learn from the mistake and past, but we must remain focused on future,

Because we can build a great nation by following all constitutional procedures and process and that’s the demand of the nature.

We must lift those at the bottom so that poverty Is erased from the dictionary of modern India,

These words of Pranab Mukherjee is like gold dust and cannot be found in any encyclopaedia.

The fact remains that secularism is inherent in the Indian system, in the Indian ethos and culture.

India is enriched with unity in diversity which accepts all systems that’s the proof of a great architecture.

There is no humiliation in the globe more abusive or other than hunger and that’s the fact in the society,

As a nation it is our responsibility and great duty to erase off poverty which is off course a great curse so as to get rid of any social anxiety.

Hear by concluding the poem by respecting and honouring former Indian President and such a great intellectual,

Hopefully, our society will abide by all his crucial and valuable words so as to avoid any situations which is conflictual .


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