Programming,great career success, brilliant choice no doubt indeed,If we shine then will live in paradise,but if we fail then it does not take much time to fall in ground @ a rapid pace….[Its Important to choose the career options wisely][Please contribute to Trendystories Friends]

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right,

So rather not to spoil the time for any unrequisite chase or fight.

Risk something which you believe worth it instead idle with your dreams,

We should choose the profession wisely and cleverly by identifying correct streams.

Programming a great career option,but may be crueling sometimes.

The only way to do great work is to love and excel in what you do.

Today in fastly moving world in the edge of technology where programmers,software developers going on a high demand.There is constant competition or race to supercede one another to match on skills so as to achieve the crown feet.

Every year huge number of oil well machined products are coming out with flying colours from top most institutes hoping to achieve something amazing and great by virtue of their caliver.

Campus recruiters are in search hunt and roam across top most institutes of the world to find out the most exclusive creamy products who can benefit their companies immensely in terms of acheving the profit and helping to beat their rivalries when it comes to regaining the number 1 position by utilzing maximum out of their employees.Fight to regain top most supremacy always persists in a health manner without disturbing any structural establishments.

In the fight for technology suprimacies there are different high level languages started from machine language program till the autmation,high level.In the context of such JAVA is among the most in-demand programming languages on the job market, depending on the numbers and figures and extravengaza of trend if we look into.Java-related job postings on recruiting sites has been increased more then 80 percent between 2017 and 2020, from 3,469 to 6,243 — impressive enthusiastics jump for  programming language career that’s been around for nearly a decade or so.Every potent individuals wanted to prove their worth it to become a high skilled JAVA programmer etc. and at a time only one can achieve the best programmer crown and successfully climbup the topmost peak.

In such process some studious or aspirer will fail to understand what they have learnt in academic is completely different from what is practised practically in corporate markets.Interview clearence maynot be so difficult but there are utmost chances that avearge illegibles are struggle to survive in competititve markets.Reasons are either subject clearance either by memorization rather proper untilization or brain culture of memory CPU which creates an overconfidence in job-seekers mind that everything is poosible.Programming career is suited for such individuals who are interested in more code puzzle solvings and has the confidence to do it again and again The path to a successful “programming career” is even uncertain than before.

As per survey it has been confirmed in the midst of 2018-20 there are quite a number technologists,employees,aspirants has been comitted sucide in order to fail or rather unable to protect their mental establishments and egos.Programming standard acceptiblity may be different comapre to another indivuduals.So company might considered your code substandard compare to others which resulted a dejection and embarrasement in front of others.Its a high preasure game and as always where mental steadiness has been tested for qualified canditatures.Fight to survival is extremly tough under those challanging conditions.

As a result their are unfortunate circumstances which has been resulted something unacceptable that is none other than so many untimely deaths.

Through this article trendystories would like to request those carrear seeking boomers,enthusiastic candidates to please select your carrier effectively and efficiently so that something mishaps could have been aborted off late or near future.Role of parents can become extremly helpful and significant to mentor their youngsters in a proper gear so that it will be helpful for them to choose right career over a period of time.

Hope and to be hopeful is good but rush of blood or uncanny exuberence can proved out to be really damaging sometimes.

There are different ways to shine and jeel bright if we could choose the correct path rather float or slaled into youth euphoria. People can excel in the field of education,writing,sales,singing etc. there are versatile ways of expressing and well direct career if our plans are well thoughout and extremly focused.

Trendystrories though like to spread and sprinkle a humble message to all our energetic and youthful youngsters that:

Please dont listen to others and take any whimsickle decisions whom we think so called friend,ask a question to yourself ,talk to your those trusted peers who always gives you a good advise and then choose the career path very cleverly,deligently and carefully so that later there should not be any repent or rue off.

Timing of profession selection is important,before its too late..

Warning!!Don’t lost in a dark forest of Programming if you rally can’t off late prove out to be brilliant and bright

Dear Readers,

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Good Night!!

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      1. You should write better, and write about things people would want to read and avoid copying other people’s work.
        Cheers and good luck to you.


      2. I am really happy to know that you are appreciating me to grow as a big blogger but @ first instance when I read the comment of yours it gave me an impression that you mean to say, that I am trying to copy from someone else blog:-)


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