The constant pressure of water flow is telling the stories of several cries every year but deserted by a few drops of sympathy and escaped only as a renumeration without looking for the depth of humanity,an ongoing issue.[Looking Forward For Monitization Towards trendystories, From All WordPress Friends]

I am mesmerizing, a famous from northeast India with many praises and tourists,

Is it true my issues are still under negligence to publish?

Honoured a lifetime to my achievements along the Seventh Sister States,

Recommended to explore my magical aura to discover a mental peace.

The proudest male (Brahmaputra) is guarding my charm as a follower to my valley,

And the Majuli (island) increases a courage in the middle to balance this infinite glory.

 Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped here to bless the contribution of an ethereal (Nilachal).

Several stories had been written from then to know the facts in real.

Oil refinery, silk embroidery, many antique crowns are a proven success to my country,

Tea gardens and forests are famous as a brand to price the business as a victory.

But I mourn a cause and the uncountable loss, by the unmanageable flows, every year,

Why declare then no attention can be gain in my favour during an ongoing disaster?

My famous wild life beside several lives are persistent to suffer severely,

Can’t bear the constant pressure to this fight for a well-deserved face in geography.

Writing these lines as a request from cries, please solve my problems sincerely,

As Assam is a unique heritage of India and cannot be shrunk from history.

 When we talk about the most popular cities of the north east, Assam is always the first choice to increase the dignity of this part in India. It is blessed with countless beauties of nature that attract the tourists for many years. But every year, this state has to face so many troubles during the monsoon season and is still under consideration of a genuine resolution.

The year2020 is another worst year for the Assam Flood along with the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial flooding started in May due to heavy rainfall and still continue with damages.  Till July, the floods affected around 2 to 3 million in 27 districts and claiming the lives of many people. According to Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), more than 3000 villages are affected,1.28 lakh hectares of agricultural land submerged and thousand people living in relief camps. Actually, it has become a fixed storyline of Assam flood in every year. Though we are not yet enough successful to control any natural disaster forcefully, but if continuation occurs every year in a state like Assam, then how can it compete with other states in terms of growth and development, not sure about the fact.

Several factors are responsible for the recurrence of floods in Assam every year:

  • Assam is a land of two big rivers Brahmaputra and Barak. Each year these two, along their tributaries, cause enough damages to both upper and lower Assam severely including more than 30 districts.
  • Assam lies in the heart of Monsoon belt and gets heavy rainfall in every rainy season. Due to this, the rivers and their tributaries get flooded and their banks overflowed on the vast plains of the state.
  • The forever mountain ranges surrounded the northern and eastern boundaries, compels the water to flow down in to the plain and as a result the rivers get charged.
  • Assam loses hundreds and kilometres of its land area due to natural as wall as by artificial landslides every year. This soil erosion makes the rivers shallow and later contributed a large hand in the creation of heavy flood.
  • There are also many other human organised factors like deforestation, destruction of wetlands, improper maintenance of the river banks, poor urban planning etc. cause a vital role to the flood within most towns and cities.

 In Assam, the loss and sufferings during the floods in each year cannot be taken only with some considerate words. The damages are uncountable and can affect the economic condition of the state.

 Some worst affected areas including MSME sectors, tea industry, wild life and biodiversity of Assam. The increase in rhino poaching during the floods is one of the alarming factors for the decline of this unique rhino population in Assam.

No doubt, the government has taken several steps regarding the flood control management.  A recently proposed plan of interlinking the rivers of India whereby the extra water of Brahmaputra and its tributaries can be diverted to the dry areas of western and southern India, is still under debate. But the questions still remain the same for the victims of this disaster in Assam for several years, how much achieved as a genuine success in compare to this inborn loss, if take a look on the survey.

Though several measures have to be taken for a long-term solution for this inherent problem, but somehow need to be get started. Now technology has a very high demand in solving many problems with efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, the rejuvenation of wetlands, afforestation, construction of more micro and scientific reservoirs and dams etc. may reduce the problems in the long run but only when the initiatives will be taken.

Besides, an artificial flood created by the humans can be reduced by following a proper urban planning. Garbage in ponds, jamming of water drains etc should be mitigated by proper policies followed by some strict rules.

Floods are very common to maintain the balance of nature specially in rainy season, but it has become a disaster due to improper management by the authorities in a state like Assam. Only a few word gatherings as a matter of debate, donations and sympathies from viewers, is absolutely not the answer. if every year the flows are above danger level to damage a growing state, then it might be a result to a partial outlook which accepting this sorrowful outcome to consider Assam as a neglected state of India.  Hence, if Assam’s contribution is on national interest, then its concerns should also be forwarded by the nationals ardently to solve this affecting issue with proper honesty.


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