Mysterious face symmetry humour,lost and found:: SEO you real beauty!!

Scientists says that there are chances of two similar individual coexists in this universe, with a uniformity in nature and behavioural certitude, oh!! really??  I was investigating this for a while and try to find it out that is there anyone who writes little bit of materials like poems,epics,myths typically named as bhattraps, indistinguishable? ButContinue reading “Mysterious face symmetry humour,lost and found:: SEO you real beauty!!”

Bald and beautiful:

10 maximum failed attempts of hair transplantation, fixing but all efforts are only in vain just to bankrupt myself. Final side effects and symptoms are stitches, bruises, scars everywhere. Still the settings did not get it right at all. Maximum expenses but no outcome. Shaved the head but for what? How to hide this baldnessContinue reading “Bald and beautiful:”